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Videos Transcription – Logging Video Rushes and Subtitling Services

r At Transcription City we work closely with video production companies, as well as with individuals. Whatever the client’s needs, we work hard to help them achieve the best edit possible. There are many benefits of video transcription services, which include allowing clients to free up their valuable time for other areas of production. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the video transcription services we offer.

Benefits of Video Transcription – Video Formats

As well as accessing video files by email or the upload facility on the Transcription City website, we can also transcribe from DVD, video cassette and USB stick. For peace of mind, when using any of these hard copies we advise clients to send them via courier. Hard copy files have to be converted into a digital format; therefore it is important you are aware that this time-consuming process will add to our costs.

Benefits of Video Transcription – Timecoded Videos

For ease of reference, timecodes are included at every 30-second point. They are also added at each change of speaker. We offer a standard timecode template to our clients, but equally our typists can work with your own specific template. The transcripts from video tend to be produced in either of the following formats:

  • Strict Verbatim  transcripts include word for word transcription, including each um’ and ah’ sound, any repetition and background noises
  • Intelligent Verbatim  typists use their discretion to remove any unnecessary repetition, focusing on the main discussion at hand

On timecoded transcripts, the start time commences at 00:00:00, unless the client wishes for the initial time stamp to start at a certain point with the remaining stamps following on from there.

Benefits of Video Transcription – Video Streaming

Clients often send over links to their video streams. Upon accessing these streams, our typists download the videos and work to produce useful transcripts. These can then be shared both online and offline.

Benefits of Video Transcription – Video Rushes

Video production companies usually have a selection of footage and raw material to work from. We add accurate timecodes to these videos in order to assist with identifying the most useful content, saving our clients time and effort. To help with locating particular sections of video, our typists are also able to add in description, such as the type of shot, any silences and more.

Benefits of Video Transcription – Subtitling Services

We provide subtitling services for both online videos and offline videos. Our team can embed subtitles into you video in the form of closed captioning or burn the subtitles into your video in the form of open captioning. We provide subtitles with audio descriptions suitable for the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as subtitling services in a variety of languages, all to make your content accessible and give your viewers the best possible experience.
If you are interested in any of the video time coded transcription services available (including transcription services for DVD and USB). Standard verbatim transcription services, translation services for videos, subtitling services or captioning services available contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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