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The Benefits Of Time Coded Video Transcription

Here at Transcription City, we can transcribe your audio and video files using a range of layouts, styles and formats. Today, I thought we could look at time coded transcription, what it is and the benefits it can offer when selecting a transcription service.

Video Transcription
The benefits of time coded video transcription

What Is Time Coded Transcription?

A time coded transcript contains dialogue (and sometimes visual descriptions) as well as regular time stamps (or time codes), allowing you to easily refer back to your recordings to find when something was said or done. Subtitles and captions are also a very precise version of a time coded transcript.

Time Coded Video Transcription

Time coded transcription is most often used when transcribing videos. Time coded transcription can be extremely useful for video rushes that need editing, and for post production videos. Logging rushes can be particularly useful in terms of speeding up and simplifying the editing process, this is because dialogue and selected scenes from your video can be found and pieced together with minimum effort. Time coded video transcription for videos can also be extremely useful for clients wishing to provide subtitles or captions. In fact, we are happy to provide subtitle and caption files for clients who wish to add these to their videos, be it subtitles for foreign language films or closed captions for deaf and hard of hearing viewers (this is a legal requirement for all broadcast videos).

Time Coded Audio Transcription

Time coded transcription also offers a number of advantages to clients who are not involved in video production. For instance, research interviews can benefit greatly from time codes, as they help you to find the information you need quickly and easily when referring back to the original audio. Time coded transcription can also be of particular benefit to healthcare professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists, who wish to refer back to a particular therapy sessions, in order to better understand their patients or to write a more in depth analysis of their patients progress or decline, easily finding quotes they need for their reports.
So there you have it, time coded transcription can be useful to a variety of industries and sectors.
If you would like to know more about some of the different transcription services we offer or would like to contact us for a quote, why not get in touch? We are available seven days a week and are always happy to help.

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