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Video Dubbing and Video Subtitling

If you are involved in video production and have foreign language footage or want to distribute your videos to a global audience, then you will probably look into translating your videos. Translation makes media more accessible, so that they can be enjoyed by a larger, more diverse audience. When deciding to translate the content of your videos there are many different options to consider. There are pros and cons to each option to consider. Probably the fastest and cheapest option would be to translate your videos into several languages in the form of subtitles. However, depending on your target audience, budget, duration of the video and the type of video you have produced video dubbing can be a seamless and enjoyable form of video translation. It allows the audience to enjoy the video without having to simultaneously read subtitles.

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What is Video Dubbing and What Advantages Does it Have Over Subtitling?

When you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of providing video dubbing to your audience, you must consider several key aspects. If you’re employing a company to find a voice actor and deliver a fully edited and dubbed video, you need to involve yourself in the entire process. This involvement includes approving the transcript and selecting the most suitable voice artist. A competent video dubbing company will offer you a diverse selection of voice artists and willingly adjust your transcripts as needed.

On the other hand a subtitling company should be able to also provide a selection of different options for your subtitles, including script approval and appropriate amendments. You should also be able to select the target language or languages with the knowledge that the linguists used are experienced writers and can either create translated scripts that are best matched to your video. Subtitle extension (SRT, VTT, XML, etc.), subtitle placement, subtitle text and layout should also be considered and discussed with your chosen subtitle provider. Finally, options for subtitles, closed captions and open captioning should also be explained to you.


What are the Advantages of Subtitling over Video Dubbing?

  • Subtitling is cheaper than video dubbing.
  • Subtitling allows you to cater to audiences that are deaf or hard of hearing in the form of closed captions.
  • Subtitling has a faster turnaround than dubbing.
  • Subtitling can be a more sufficient learning tool when it comes to educational videos (studies have shown that listening and reading information is a more effective learning tool than listening alone).
  • Some viewers prefer subtitles.
  • Subtitling can create a more natural final edit and can aid language skills.

What are the Advantages of Video Dubbing over Subtitling?

  • Video dubbing allows the audience to enjoy all of the visual aspects of a film. It avoids missing possible plot developments.
  • Video dubbing services are more expensive than subtitling alone. However, voice overs can often include subtitling at a much lower cost than subtitling alone. This due to the fact that subtitles are often created during the process of video dubbing. It’s done in this order to get the timings right for the voice artist.
  • Video dubbing allows an ease of watching.
  • Video dubbing is great for animated films as there are no lip sync issues.

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The decision to go with either video dubbing or subtitling is a purely subjective one. Video dubbing is more common in some demographics than others, as is video subtitling. If you have the budget to provide your audience with both video dubbing and subtitling, that is ideal. It’s worth considering that subtitling allows your content to be accessible to audience members who are deaf or hard of hearing. However, audio description is also needed for audience members who are blind.

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