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Money Saving Transcription Services

Cost Effective Transcription Services.

Everyone knows that using an online transcription service can save you or your business a lot of money. However, there are a number of ways that you can reduce the cost of your transcripts and save even more!

Cost Effective Transcription services

Here my list of things you can do to maximise the savings on your transcription costs:
Record Clear Audio!
A number of different factors come in to play to produce a good quality audio file. Be aware of background noise both inside and outside the room you are recording in. Try to use an adequate number of good quality microphones and recording equipment. Try to ensure that the speakers in your recording are not mumbling and that their voices are coming across clearly. A bad quality audio file is likely to cost you more simply because it takes the transcriptionist longer to transcribe.
No Cross Talking!
Cross talking often occurs in focus groups, but can be present in interviews too. Excessive cross talking in an audio file can create a problem, because the transcriptionist will have to re-listen to the sound to try and decipher what is being said. This can take a lot of time and cost you more money. Cross talking can be avoided by explaining to participants that you are making a recording and reminding the group, when they start to talk over each other.
Verbal Nods are a no no!
The interviewer will often try to encourage respondents while they are talking by issuing verbal nods (yes, mmm, okay, yeah).
You should try to avoid this because:
A) It doesn’t add useful information to the dialogue.
B) It takes up time.
C) It is often done while the respondent is speaking and so makes it hard to hear what is being said.
Don’t Record Irrelevant Audio!
Start recording your audio at the start of your interview or dictation. Stop recording your interview at the end of your recording. The transcriptionist will record whatever is on your audio file. If you start recording and leave dead air for ten minutes, the transcriptionist will still have to listen to the audio to check for when it starts, this also applies to the sound that continues after your interview. You should also stop recording if your interview is suspended for a couple of minutes because someone has left the room etc. Keeping your audio file tight will save you money.
Avoid Unnecessary Participants!
The more speakers you have, the more expensive your transcript will be. Avoid having conversations with people who are not involved in your interview such as colleagues or friends that walk in as you are talking, as you may be charged extra if there is a lot of dialogue.
Keep Your Interviews Concise!
It is fine to have a chat about the weather or what you watched on TV last night, but do it after you have finished your recording.
These are the main factors that will affect the cost of your transcripts. It may also be worth emailing your transcription service with any difficult names and products that may be difficult to find on Google. You can also include if your recording contains speakers with different accents, so that your transcription company can find a transcriptionist who can understand that particular accent.
Online transcription services can save you a lot of money and with these tips, you’ll save even more.

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