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DVD Hard Copy Video Transcription

If you have a DVD that needs to be transcribed, you have come to the right place! We provide a DVD transcription service that is fast, accurate and efficient to ensure that you receive a professional transcript in the style of your choice.

DVD Transcription Process

Once you have decided that you want to send us your DVD for transcription, there are a few different options available to you. We want to help you every step of the way, so we’ve outlined each step in our DVD transcription process.

Sending your DVD for Transcription

Once you have decided that you would like us to transcribe your videos, the first step is to send them to us. We highly recommend that any hard copy files are sent via courier, this is because a courier service is the fastest and most reliable method of delivering hard copy files and minimises the risk of damage or loss of your property. If you live nearby or are able to drop the files off yourself, this is also a great option of getting your files to us. Please call or email us to arrange a time for us to expect your DVD delivery and we will make sure that someone is available to receive your order. Although we do accept files through the post, this is at the client’s own risk.

DVD Transcription Conversion

As part of our DVD transcription service, we will convert your DVD to a smaller digital file such as an .mp4 or .mov file. This allows us to load the files into our transcription software. We understand that DVD video is becoming a less popular (although still widely used) means of storage for video files and is slowly being replaced by online media, USB storage or large drives (often used for video rushes). For this reason, as part of our service, we are happy to send a superior quality, online version of your DVD videos for storage on a computer or hard drive, this is done for a very small fee and can be easily arranged if required.

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DVD Transcription Styles

We offer a vast range of transcription styles and layouts for your video files. These can be used alone or combined, depending on your needs and requirements.

Intelligent Verbatim Video Transcription

Intelligent verbatim video transcription is one of our most popular transcription styles and describes a transcription style that is word for word, but excludes repetitions, false starts, and conversational fillers that do not add to the meaning of the transcript. We find that intelligent verbatim transcription offers our clients an accurate account of dialogue, while making readability a little easier than a strict verbatim or verbatim style of video transcription.

Verbatim Video Transcription

Verbatim or strict verbatim video transcription is a transcription style where every utterance is included, meaning that false starts, repetitions, conversational fillers and pauses will all be indicated in the transcript. We find that this style is most popular with the legal profession or with research transcription, as there is less chance of the dialogue being open to the typist’s interpretation.

Edited Video Transcription

Edited or paraphrased video transcription is a form of transcription similar to an intelligent verbatim style, only taken up a gear. Not only is the dialogue tidied up for ease of reading, the grammar, punctuation and syntax is also amended to provide a transcript Shakespeare himself would be proud of!

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Discourse Analysis Video Transcription

Discourse analysis video transcription is a transcription style that uses strict verbatim, but also includes other information, such as tone of voice, whether a pause is long, medium or short, pitch of voice, laugher, crying and any other audio descriptions within the audio. This style is often used by psychologists, but can be useful in a variety of professions.

Video Transcription With Visual Description

As video gives the transcriptionist a visual as well as an audio stimulus, video transcription gives you the option of including visual descriptions to accompany the dialogue. This can be useful for video editing, but has also been requested for many student transcripts.

Time Coded Video Transcription

Time coded video transcription is one of our most popular video transcription styles (especially for video rushes). A time coded transcription contains detailed time codes or time stamps a pre-set intervals. This can save significant amounts for those involved in video editing and also makes referencing sections of dialogue a lot easier.

Subtitles and Captions

We are able to offer open captions both burned in (open captions) and closed captions.

Bespoke Video Transcription Templates

Any of the above video transcription styles can be combined or used alone. We also offer transcript template creation if you have specific requirements.


Copy Typing and Document Formatting from DVD

DVD’s also offer a means of storage for other types of data other than just video. If you have text documents, spreadsheets, manuals, presentations or other data that you would like us to copy type, format or rewrite we are happy to do so.

Returning your DVD Videos after Transcription

Once your transcripts are complete we recommend that they are returned via courier. We can post them back to you (for a fee), but this is at your own risk and we take no responsibility for DVD’s or any other hard copy material that is lost in the post. If you would like any more information about any of our video transcription or digital transcription services, feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy discuss any project, no matter how big or small. We look forward to connecting with you!

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