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Podcast and Video Transcription

The Advantages of Podcast Transcription

If you or your business regularly makes podcasts, you will find that having them transcribed has a number of advantages. This applies to you and any potential clients. In this article, I point out some of the main benefits of using a transcription company to transcribe your podcasts. So lets find out more about our podcast and video transcription

Podcast and Video Transcription – You can appeal to a wider audience.

Having transcripts of all of your podcasts means that you can reach a more varied and wider audience. Such as those who are deaf or have a hearing impairment. It also gives your audience the option to read the podcast. If they would prefer not to listen or are in a situation where it is easier to read the contents. If your podcasts are in the form of a tutorial, or are instructional in nature, then it can be a great accompaniment to help aid learning.

Your podcasts or videos can be ranked in the search engines.

At present, it is difficult for the search engines to rank and index video or audio content, meaning that your valuable and informative media is not always correctly picked up by potential listeners or clients. Having your podcasts or videos transcribed means that they will be accurately indexed and searchable for their content and you can be sure to reach your target audience.

An accurate transcript of your podcast or video can add quality content to your website.

Having your podcasts or videos transcribed and added to you website means that you are constantly updating.  Adding good quality content to your website is great for SEO.  It’s extremely helpful if you want to rank higher in the search engines. Having good quality, regularly updated content on your website also means that anyone who happens to visit your website can instantly see the content of your podcasts or videos. This is without having to take the time and effort to download or stream to discover the content.

Having transcripts of your podcasts or videos makes them easier to share.

Many people who use social networks or email each other during the day do so in work hours. Having a written copy of your podcasts or videos, means that they can be easily shared. And it can be commented on among friends, at any time. Reading a transcript of a podcast can also be faster than listening to one and therefore can be a good option for people who are busy or pushed for time.

If you would like more information about the benefits of podcast or video transcription, or any of our other transcription services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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