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Transcription Services For Radio

Radio transcription services and radio translation services are an invaluable tool when it comes to keeping content accessible to all. As a long-standing and increasingly popular form of media, radio broadcasting continues to go from strength to strength. There is a wide variety of radio stations on the airwaves, ranging from small, local community hospital radio to the more prominent national radio and international radio stations. The programmes these stations transmit provide an ideal opportunity for advertisers and music promotion, alongside being the ideal way to provide up to the minute news and to spark debate over current issues.
At Transcription City we provide transcription services for many of the large national radio shows, but we can also cater for the smaller, less-known stations too. Let’s look at the typical process involved in radio transcription:

Radio Transcription Services – From Broadcast to Recording

Whilst the radio show goes out live to audiences, the station will make a recording of it in its entirety. Many stations like to have transcripts of their shows in order to make the content available online on their website, and they like to make this available as soon as possible so that the content is relevant. Once the recording is complete, it will often be edited down, removing the music and advertisements so that is contains mainly the narrative of the radio show host plus any of their guests. This can also include members of the public calling in on phone-ins.

Radio Transcription Services – Turning Interviews into Transcripts

Having liaised with our clients at the radio station, we will already have agreed a specified turnaround time and format of transcription; some clients wish to have their audio files time-coded but on the whole they are generally intelligent verbatim where timings are omitted, as is any unnecessary repetition.
The assigned typist will listen to the audio recording using specialist audio equipment, transcribing the audio into typed content as accurately as possible. It is always worthwhile for our clients to forward over relevant notes on any technical or specialist language contained within the recording. Doing so enables the typist to complete the transcription over a shorter duration as there is little need for time to be spent on research.
Next, the transcription file is proofread, not only by the typist but also by another member of the team, prior to being returned to the client. We strive to ensure work is always returned within the agreed timeframe  often we exceed expectation and our clients receive their transcriptions ahead of time!

Radio Transcription Services – Transcript Uses

Once transcripts are returned to the radio stations, they can be used for a variety of purposes. Firstly, uploading the finished transcription to the station website means making interview content available to the world (especially if it has also been translated) via internet search engines. Increasing web presence potentially allows the station to reach a global audience and this is an invaluable resource to utilise. Secondly, adding the transcript to the website or RSS feed enables regular listeners to catch up on any radio shows they might have missed. Thirdly, adding in links to follow special guests or particular causes makes the transcript an important marketing tool.
For further information on radio transcription services, translation services, subtitling services and transcription services for a variety of formats please contact us through the website, by telephone or email, or through our social media links.

For more information about radio transcription services, visit this useful website.

Transcription City Meets Absolute Radio

It’s been an exciting week at Transcription City. This Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the studios of Absolute Radio in Golden Square London, for a tour of the station and to meet their news team.
I’m a big fan of Absolute Radio and I always enjoy the excitement of receiving their celebrity interviews from various festivals, sports events and most recently the BAFTAs to transcribe. So when I was invited for a tour of the station I jumped at the chance.

Sam with the News Team at Absolute Radio
Sam with the News Team at Absolute Radio

During my visit, I got to see where the legendary Ian Wright records his Rock’N’Roll Football show on Saturday afternoons, the booth where Chris O’Connell records his breakfast show and the studio where Frank Skinner entertains his listeners every Saturday morning.
After all this excitement, I had a cracking cup of tea, courtesy of the radio stations very own Greg Burke and was introduced to one of the best news teams around – Tania Snuggs, Andrew Bailey, Cat Macdonald and Jonny Silver, who very kindly posed for a big group photo with me. It was a brilliant experience – a lot of fun and it was lovely to meet such a friendly and talented bunch of people.
We love working with absolute radio, not only are their interviews always extremely entertaining and informative to transcribe, but we also get to hear some of the most cutting edge news stories before anyone else! They also regularly record live and exclusive music sessions and interviews with some of the best musicians around.

If you are interested in using our transcription services, why not get in touch via email, telephone or instant message? We are always happy to help.

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