Radio and Broadcast Transcription Services

April 28, 2018 Samantha

An increasingly popular service that we offer is radio and broadcast transcription services and translation services. With the presence of modern day social media and the internet, radio stations have caught onto the fact that it is possible to extend audiences to beyond those who listen to their shows in real time and enable listeners or viewers of online podcast videos access to video or audio content via professional transcripts.Radio and Broadcast Transcription Services, Radio and Broadcast Translations Services

Radio and Broadcast Transcription Services

Here at Transcription City we cater for all manner of client, particularly those in the field of media. We carry out a large range of work for popular broadcasters such as Absolute Radio and their associated companies. Following a show, stations will send their audio recordings to us in order to replicate their content into text form. These radio shows, many of which contain interviews with celebrities, film stars or politicians, normally need to be turned around within a strict timescale.

Having agreed a turnaround time and transcription format, the assigned typist will listen to the audio recording using specialist equipment and is able to produce typed content as required. Many clients like to use our additional Timecoding Service to ‘time stamp’ the transcripts, making identifying particular points of speech much easier. During the process of transcription, audio is generally transcribed as intelligent verbatim, in which unnecessary repetition is omitted.

Radio and Broadcast Transcription Services – Our Typists

To assist our typists, we ask clients to send over any relevant information, such as names and technical wording, in order to ensure accuracy is maintained and less time is spent on researching unknown terms. Following completion of Radio Transcriptions, files are returned by the typists and they are then proof-read. Once this process is concluded, the transcripts are returned to our clients, often ahead of the agreed deadline.

Turning audio or video files into typed form means radio and broadcast stations can make their content available to a wider audience. For people unable to catch the radio shows, this content can be accessed via the station’s website. The more people accessing the website, the greater the internet presence; making content available online means reaching an audience on a global scale, thus making it a very important marketing tool indeed.

For further information on radio and broadcast transcription services, translation services, subtitling services, virtual assistance, closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as open captioning services. Please feel free to contact us at any time via instant message, email or telephone. We are always happy to help!

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