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Fast Audio and Video Transcription

Urgent Audio and Video Transcription

Transcription City offers one of the fastest transcription services available, we offer speedy delivery to a variety of industries, including media, television, film and radio. I is important however to be aware that there are several things that can slow your transcript turnaround times, so if you needed your transcripts four hours ago, we have some tips and tricks that can help to ensure that you speed up the process and never miss a deadline.

Here are some things to consider if you require an urgent transcript

Transcribing Large Files

Large video files can cause major problems when it comes to a fast turnaround. Not only can they take hours to upload and download, but they can also be expensive for the client. This is due to the extra time it takes your transcription company to convert or compress your files in order to speed things up. One of the best solutions to this problem is to either record your videos in mp4 format or to convert them before you send them. This can save you a lot of time and money and mean that your transcripts are delivered in a timely manner, without the stress of worrying about missing your deadline. Video and audio file conversion software is readily available online including programs such as Handbrake (which is free ) for video conversion and iTunes (also free) which can be used to convert large sound files to mp3. If you are looking for something with a few more features, we would recommend either Prism from NCH or Aimersoft, which allows you to convert virtually any video format. For more information on how to use these programs visit our YouTube channel ( see sidebar), where you can find a number of useful and informative tutorials to help you get the most from our service.

Transcribing Hard Copies

It goes without saying that any form of hard copy, be it DVD, CD, Cassette Tape, Dictaphone or USB, will slow down the transcription process considerably. Not only will you have to take the time to deliver these hard copies to us, but we will also have to convert your files to a digital format – which can also take a considerable amount of time. Once again, visit our YouTube channel for tutorials on how to convert your cassette tapes and hard copies into digital files.

Online Video Transcription

If you want us to transcribe your online videos, it is essential that we are able to download them! Both YouTube and Vimeo require both a username and password in order to download videos, so if you intend to send us a lot of videos to transcribe it may be worth setting up a channel purely for transcription, and send us the login details. The only alternative we have to transcribe online videos without login details is to record the videos via screen or sound recorders, which takes time and will impact on your transcript delivery.

Live TV and Radio Transcription

If you require urgent transcripts of live TV and Radio shows, it is a good idea to either break up and email small audio files over so that they can be split up between several typists or to ask your transcription company if they can record the live shows themselves. Again, any video or audio files that you send over should be in the smallest file format possible in order to ensure that we are able to upload and download your files as quickly as possible.
If you have any questions about our urgent transcription services or would like a quote, please get in touch, we available around the clock and are always happy to help.

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