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Transcription Services for Radio Shows and Podcasts

Here at Transcription City, we love to transcribe podcasts and radio shows. Luckily we’re not the only ones who benefit from podcast transcription; our clients do too! So we thought we’d go through some of the many benefits of podcast transcription and how it can help you or your business.

Podcast transcription services
Impress everyone with your podcast transcripts

Podcast Transcription and Accessibility

There’s no doubt about it, podcasts should be accessible to everyone, including those who are deaf and hard of hearing. Having transcripts of your podcast or radio show allows everyone the opportunity to enjoy the content you produce and therefore reach a much larger potential fan base.

Podcast Transcription and Search Engine Optimisation

As we’re sure you already know, the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) are currently unable to understand the content of video and audio files and instead rely solely on the text that accompanies them. Having a detailed title and description helps, but if you want to supercharge your rankings in the search engines and leave your competitors eating your dust, then getting your shows transcribed on a regular basis, is an essential part of the process!

Podcast Transcription and Translation

If you want to command a worldwide audience, then it may be time to think about getting your podcast or radio show transcribed and then translated. Having translated versions of your audio will mean that anyone can enjoy your podcasts or shows whatever language they speak, as well as being perfect for your SEO efforts (see above).

Podcast Transcription, Radio Transcription and the Press

If you want raise public interest in your podcast or radio show, then you need to make it newsworthy! Producing a podcast or radio show with cutting edge content, political interviews, celebrity interviews and the like can attract the press. What better way is there of grabbing their interest, than to take the hard work out of writing a news article and sending them a transcript of your content? Genius!

Podcast Transcription, Article and Blog Writing

If you have a website or business, then chances are, you have a blog that needs to be updated on a regular basis. A great way of taking the hard work out of blog writing or article writing is to have your transcripts edited, to produce a ready-made blog post! This will save time, money and be much easier than trying to think up fresh new content every week!
If you would like more information about our transcription services for radio shows and podcasts or have another audio or video file that you would like to have transcribed, why not get in touch today? We have range of transcription services to suit your needs and your budget! We look forward to connecting with you.

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