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Broadcast Transcription Services

At transcription city we provide broadcast transcription services for a range of different media. Our highly qualified and experienced typists can work with audio from your radio shows, TV shows, podcasts and interviews as well as transcription for both online and hard copy videos. We can provide urgent and expert transcription services for those working in the broadcast, media, communications or journalism sector. We also provide subtitles, captions and interactive transcripts for any company wanting their audio or video transcribed for accessibility or SEO purposes.

broadcast video transcription services
Transcription Services

Radio Transcription

We provide radio transcription services for many well known radio stations. Our typed transcripts can be used as a basis for press releases and have proven invaluable to many journalists and those working in news media.

Television Transcription

We offer expert TV transcription services in a range of styles and formats, including time coded transcription, logging of rushes, post production transcripts and transcripts with visual descriptions. We can also provide professional subtitle and closed caption services. Alongside these we offer translation services for video in the form of foreign subtitling services in a variety of languages.

Online Video Transcription

Online videos on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo can benefit a great deal from interactive transcription services. We can transcribe from all online video platforms as well as videos on your website, simply provide us with a link and we can transcribe them. The finished documents can be used to make your videos more easily accessible for the deaf and blind and you can publish the transcripts on your website. The use of closed captioning and subtitling offers many benefits and also helps to boost your SEO ratings with Google and other major search engines.

Podcast Transcription

A good podcast can be an amazing thing, if somebody manages to find it, that is. Transcribing your podcasts will make them available to wider audiences and you can even use our translation services to expand your reach globally.
So there it is, an outline of our most popular broadcast transcription services. We hope you enjoy them and spread the word!

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