Subtitles and Live Captioning Services for Online Tutorials

Here at Transcription City, we offer a range of transcription services, closed captioning services, subtitling services and live captioning services. In recent times we have found that the amount of online learning (aka E-Learning) has seen a huge increase in demand. With that in mind, we thought we’d outline some of the services that we offer and how they can aid in learning and make your learning platform more accessible and more enjoyable for your students.

Making E-Learning Accessible

E-Learning is a great way to gain qualifications, further your career, increase your knowledge; and in many cases more recently continue with school work, university courses and college studies. This can be delivered in many formats (online presentations, virtual discussions, online meetings and online lectures). The great thing about E-Learning and online courses is that they can be delivered from virtually anywhere with an internet connection to the comfort of students homes; no matter where that may be in the world. The other great thing about online learning courses is that they can (and should) be made to be accessible via the use of subtitles, closed captions and of course live captions. Let me explain in more detail the advantages of adding these forms of subtitling to your online learning courses and why it is essential to do so for accessibility.

Subtitling for Online Learning

Subtitling for online learning can be interpreted in many ways. Usually subtitles (as opposed to captions) are produced in a different language from the source language of the video, subtitles can be included in many different languages – from some of the most widely used languages (Spanish subtitles, Chinese subtitles, French Subtitles or German subtitles) to less widely known languages. Great thing is, we can help with almost any language or dialect in order to make your online learning courses accessible to speakers of all languages.

Closed Captioning E-Learning Courses

Closed captions for E-Learning and online learning are designed to make video accessible to viewers who are deaf of hard of hearing. We think this should be a requirement for all online learning courses and so actively promote including either open or closed captioning for all educational videos. Closed captioning is often displayed in the same language as the source language as the video and will include additional audio cues that are non verbal to aid understanding if you are not able to benefit from the sound of the video. In case you were wondering; the difference between open captions and closed captions is that open captions are permanently displayed onscreen and closed captioning offers viewers the option of switching the captions on or off.

Live Captioning Services for Online Tutorials and E-Learning

Live captioning services are a great way to make your tutorials interactive for all participants. Live captions allow students who are deaf or hard of hearing to take part in live discussions and tutorials. Live captions can also be delivered in multiple languages if required. We have found that live captioning services have been invaluable, not only for online learning but also for online meetings, discussions and online presentations. Our live captioning services include a full un-edited transcript of the event as part of your package – this can be a great learning aid for your students or useful for updating your tutorials in the form of blogs, articles and papers.
We offer live captioning in a range of languages including English live captioning, Spanish live captioning, French live captioning, German live captioning and Portuguese live captioning to name a few. We only use trained and experienced stenographers for our live captioning services.

Live Subtitling Services for your Online Video

If you would like more information about our live captions, transcription services, subtitling services, closed captioning services, translation services or live note taking services, why not get in touch today? We are available 7 days a week and always happy to help.

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