Live Spanish Captioning Services

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We provide live captioning services in Spanish and a range of different languages. We also provide subtitling services for online and broadcast video. 

Live captioning for Spanish

Our Spanish language subtitling services and Spanish captioning includes online, pre-recorded and Spanish live captioning services. We can provide Spanish to English subtitling, English to Spanish subtitling for live video. We can also provide Spanish to target or source to Spanish subtitling services for a range of languages. We can also turn your video captioning projects around quickly and accurately (this includes Spanish subtitling for medical, legal and academic content videos. 

Live Spanish Captioning Services 

Transcription City offers Spanish live captioning for online video conferences (such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings). 

If your video conference or online meeting is being held in Spanish or has participants speaking Spanish we can provide Spanish captions that cover all or parts of the spoken dialogue. 

We can also provide Spanish translation services for your captions; either translating your spoken dialogue into Spanish or translating Spanish into English (or a variety of other target languages). 

Spanish Language Subtitling for Educational Videos

With the expansion of educational online courses, there has been a substantial rise in the production of eLearning videos. Recent studies have shown that educational videos are a great tool to aid learning as they are both visual and auditory. They have also shown that subtitles can aid even further. Spanish language subtitling services are great for Spanish speaking students who do not speak the source language of an educational video, but still wish to take part in the training the video offers. 

Captions and Subtitles are also required by law for the majority of educational institutions as they should be accessible to students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The great thing about our Spanish video closed captions is that they can be used for both live educational videos and pre-recorded ones. 

Spanish Subtitling Services

Our Spanish Subtitling services are available in a variety of formats, meaning that we can provide subtitles for a single video in multiple languages, meaning they are accessible to viewers with hearing difficulties, who also do not speak the source language. It also means that your content can appeal to a much wider audience and be more easily searchable online. 

Spanish Subtitling and the Law

In the UK and the US captioning is a legal requirement for broadcast video that was aired after 1998, and this has been in place since 2010. 

If you would like more information about our live Spanish captioning services, Spanish transcription services, Spanish translation services, Spanish subtitling services for online videos, Spanish subtitling for eLearning or Spanish subtitling services for video games and VR, please do get in touch. We are available seven days a week and always happy to help. 

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