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Spanish Transcription Services and Translation Services

Here at Transcription City we offer a range of specialist transcription services and captioning services. Recently we have expanded to include professional translation services and foreign language subtitling services in a range of languages. With that in mind, we thought we’d focus on our Spanish language services and how they can help you and your business thrive.

Transcription services and translation services
Let us take care of all your transcription and translation needs

Spanish Medical Translation Services

At Transcription City, we hire Spanish linguists with medical expertise and experience for our Spanish medical translation services. We can provide Spanish transcription of your medical conferences and interviews, as well as any research which is initially in a video or audio format. Working with documents, we provide Spanish translation services for medical reports, letters and presentations and can also translate from our own video and audio foreign transcriptions. We are happy to use your templates for your translation, so you can receive your final document in the format and style you require.

Spanish Legal Translation Services

Transcription City hires experienced legal translators to carry out legal translation services. Whether you require Spanish translation for legal contracts to be taken on overseas, police interview translation and transcription, company terms and conditions translation, or whatever your documents may be, our Spanish legal translation services could be for you. Not only do can translate your legal documents, but on receipt of templates, we can match any translation work to your current house styles and requirements, providing your translations in Word, PDF, .txt, PowerPoint or whichever format you prefer.

Spanish Captioning Services and Subtitling Services

Transcription City specialises in translation of foreign subtitles, and this includes Spanish subtitle translation and transcription. Whether you have YouTube or Vimeo videos you need transcribing, or you work with a production company and require Spanish translation on your rushes for editing, our Spanish translators have the expertise, qualifications and experience to help. We provide Spanish translations which include Spanish transcription followed by document translation, or direct translation where the final document will only cover one language. The choice on which route you take in translating your Spanish video or audio will depend on budget, turnaround timescales and the level of accuracy you require.

Spanish Website Translation Services

It’s widely known that there is software widely available online that claims to translate websites automatically into your desired language, but translation is a skill that goes way beyond converting what has been written on the page word for word, and often when using software for Spanish website translation, the finished product may not make much sense. We can translate all of your website content from Spanish to English, or English to Spanish at a very competitive rate, so that you can expand your business globally whilst maintaining professionalism and meaning in your online content.

Spanish Transcription Services

With so many years providing English transcription services, within the translation sector we are always happy to work with your video and audio translations in whatever format provided. We can time code, subtitle, transcribe and translate all of your English audio into Spanish, or indeed, translate your media into Spanish into English as required.
If you would like more information about any of our translation or transcription services, why not get in touch today? We offer a range of typing services that can be used alone or as a package depending on your specific needs and requirements. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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