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Translation Services Overview

At Transcription City, we offer a variety of different translation services to suit your needs. Depending on which sector you work in, what source material we have to work with (e.g. audio translation, video translation or document translation), you are likely to have very different project requirements, needing very specific linguist expertise. Here’s how we can help.

Translation Services and Transcription Services
Professional Translation and Transcription Services

Document Translation Services

The easiest translation projects to work with are those which require translation of a simple document from one language to another, for example, English into French. Translating from a source document has the most straightforward translation process and is the preferred translation method for most linguists, mostly because it is the most accurate way to translate from one language to another, with no danger of ‘mishears’ and far less opportunity for misunderstanding what is being said when compared to audio or video translations.

PowerPoint Translation Services

PowerPoint translations are very similar to document translations in that a translator will receive your file and translate any text, but PowerPoint is not always as straightforward as that. In many cases, changing text in a PowerPoint presentation can lead to changes in the overall appearance or formatting a slide, something which clients will want to avoid if they are to keep a consistent house style for their global presentations. To overcome this, not only do we hire qualified, experienced linguists to translate PowerPoint presentations, but we also provide formatting and proofreading services within that cost to ensure that the finished document retains all source formatting and styles.

Conference Translation Services

For global businesses wanting to circulate conference minutes, or even full conference transcripts, conference translation can be a highly useful tool. Often conferences will be recorded in an audio file format, and so will require basic transcription prior to translation. If your conference has numerous keynote speakers using different languages, and the sections are large, we may be able to work out a price to transcribe English speech on a basic transcription rate, with only foreign dialogue on a higher foreign language transcription rate, but this will depend on whether foreign language is interspersed throughout the conference as a whole, meaning both a translator and English transcriptionist would need to listen to the whole conference in order not to miss anything out.

Interview Translation Services

For basic interview translation services, the processes and price of translation will be dependent upon the method in which the interview is supplied. For example, an audio file requiring translation from Spanish to English will first need to be typed out in Spanish before requiring Spanish document translation. Alternatively, for a slightly lower price (with less accuracy) we can offer a direct translation from Spanish to English, with no Spanish transcription supplied but only a final English text.

Video Translation Services

For videos translations, depending on the format supplied, we may need to convert the file to make it easier to work with, or if subtitles are required, the price will be higher, as .srt and other closed captions and subtitle translations require very specific, accurate time coding.
If you would like more information about any of out translation services or transcription services, feel free to get in touch anytime. We are available 7 days a week and always happy to help.

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