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Transcription Styles For Your Videos

Here at Transcription City, we regularly transcribe interviews in a variety of styles and formats, depending on your needs and requirements. If you have a video that you want to have transcribed, but are having trouble knowing what video transcription services will suit you the best, read on as we describe some of our video transcription options. Please remember that any transcription format can be typed either intelligent verbatim, strict verbatim or in an edited transcription style. Read on to find out about our different transcription styles for your videos.

The Best Video Transcription Services
“I told you we needed the best transcription service!”

Video Transcription (Dialogue Only)

The first and simplest option when having your videos transcribed is to ask for the dialogue only. Dialogue can be transcribed in either intelligent verbatim (with “um’s”, “uh’s”, repetition, false starts and stutters excluded) or strict verbatim (with “uh’s”, “um’s”, false starts, repetition and stutters included).

Video Transcription With Time Codes

Having time codes added to your transcripts offers a few advantages over having the dialogue only transcribed. For instance, it is much easier to find the speech that you require quickly and easily, therefore, making video editing a doddle. Time coded transcription is also great for legal transcripts, where it is essential that you are able to find the dialogue you require within your video for use as evidence.

Video Transcription With Visual Description

Video transcription with visual descriptions is often useful for video production companies. Visual descriptions can also be a great way for therapists and mental health professionals to assess the general wellbeing of their patients in the short and long term.

Video Captioning

Video captioning is a legal requirement for all broadcast video. However, it is also something that (in our opinion) should always be included in online videos. Video captioning allows viewers who are deaf and hard of hearing to enjoy your videos with the same information available to those who are able to clearly hear the sound. Please note that captioning is available as open captioning (where dialogue is a permanent part of the video) or closed captioning (where the dialogue can be displayed on the screen as and when required).

Video Subtitling for Foreign Language Film

Video captioning and video subtitling are often confused. The difference is that captioning will include non-verbal cues (A PHONE RINGS’, THE SOUND OF THUNDER OUTSIDE’, A KNOCK AT THE DOOR’ or THE FLOOR CREAKS’) these are specifically designed for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing. Subtitles on the other hand include only verbal information and this is usually in a different language to the source language spoken on the original video. We can provide foreign language subtitling services in a variety of dialects and languages to suit.
If you would like more information about transcription styles for your videos, please get in touch. We also provide translation services, transcription services and note taking. For video transcription services, we provide subtitling, closed and open captioning and live captioning services. We are available seven days a week and always happy to help.

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