Transcription Services On A Budget – Part 2

February 24, 2015 Samantha

If you are looking for transcription services on a budget, there are a good few things you can do to reduce the cost of your transcripts. In part one, we looked at technical files and medical transcription, multiple speaker files and bad quality audio files. In this post we’ll look at the turnaround of your transcripts, the transcription style, time coded transcription and the format or layout of your transcripts.

Transcription Services On A Budget

Transcription Services On A Budget

Transcription Services and Turnaround

The speed in which you need your transcripts completed will drastically affect the price you pay; so if you can allow for a longer turnaround, the cost of your transcription service will be cheaper. If you are recording interviews that you know have a fairly short turnaround, it is prudent to arrange to send your files to your chosen transcription company as soon as possible, in order to both save on the cost of your transcription and ensure that your files are delivered within your deadline. All too often, sound or video files can be forgotten until the last minute, meaning that the cost of transcription is high. Sending files at the last minute also increases the risk of missing important deadlines.

Transcription Styles

If you are sending audio or video files to a transcription company, it is important to know what style of transcription you require. For instance, while a police interview or legal statement would likely need a strict verbatim transcription, an interview with a celebrity about their latest film, would likely lend itself to an intelligent verbatim style. If you are unsure what style of transcription suits your needs, it is important to discuss this with your transcription company who can offer examples and provide information about the benefits of the various different styles available. Remember, some of the more costly forms of transcription are only useful for clients with specific needs or criteria to meet, so educate yourself and if not sure, ask!

Transcription Services and Time Codes

Time coded transcription can provide a convenient means of finding the information you need within your transcript and correlating it with your original sound or video file. Many video production companies utilize time-coded transcripts for video editing. Subtitle and captioning files are also a form of time-coded transcription. However, time coded transcription is more expensive than standard transcription because it is more time consuming to produce. So if you do require a time coded transcription style, it may be worth reducing the frequency of time stamps within the transcript in order to cut costs.

So there you have it; three new ways you can reduce the costs of your transcripts. If you would like more information about any of the transcription services we provide, why not get in touch? We are available throughout the week and during the weekends.



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