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March 21, 2014 Samantha

If you have never used a transcription service before, it can be daunting when faced with all the various transcript options and knowing which ones to choose. Depending on which transcription service you require, the costs can vary greatly. This week, we thought we’d look at some of the transcription options available and also offer some tips on how to get the transcript you want, while keeping the price down.

Cost of transcription services

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Transcribing Low Quality Audio Files

Low quality audio or video recordings can be costly and will often produce lower quality transcripts, with a longer turnaround. This is why we encourage our clients to record files in a quiet environment with high quality recording equipment. Low quality recordings are more expensive to transcribe, as they will first require a professional cleanup, the transcriptionist will then have to listen to the audio several times to pick up what has been said. It is also recommended that an extra proofreader is used for low quality audio recordings.

Transcription and Fast Turnaround Times

If you require a fast transcription service (such as four hour turnaround or same day turnaround) then the price of your transcription will be higher. It is recommended that you provide as much notice as possible when sending a file for urgent transcription, as this will allow your chosen transcription service to organise typists to be available and also allocate your file between more than one typist if needed.

Transcription Styles

The style of your transcript will affect the price of you transcript. For instance, a transcript typed in a discourse analysis style, will cost more than a paraphrased transcript, as discourse analysis transcription takes much longer to type and is far more detailed. It is always best to contact your chosen transcription company prior to transcription to discuss what transcription style best suits your needs and how it will affect the price.

Transcription Extras

Transcription extras such as time codes, visual descriptions, extra proofreading, subtitling and captioning are all charged at a higher rate and this should be taken into account when selecting which transcription options are right for you.

If you would like to know more about our transcription prices, would like a free sample transcript or would simply like to discuss some of the transcription services available, why not get in touch today? We offer a range of transcription services to meet your needs and are always happy to help.



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