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Cost of Transcription

How to Lower the Cost of your Transcripts

Want to lower the cost of getting your audio or video transcribed? Here are our top 7 tips to reduce the cost of your transcription services.

Clear Audio for Transcription

Recording and submitting clear audio files will keep the costs of your transcripts to a minimum. To ensure that you record a clear audio file, it is important to keep background noise to a minimum, use a high quality and appropriate recording device and to keep over-speaking to a minimum. Sending sound files that are difficult to hear may add significantly to the cost of your transcripts.

Turnaround Times of your Transcripts

Turnaround times of 3 days or more will help to reduce the price of your transcripts. Urgent turnarounds will always be more expensive, so it is worth sending your sound files for transcription with as much time to do them as possible.

Number of Speakers that Need to be Transcribed

The number of speakers in a sound file will add to the cost, because it can be difficult for the transcriptionist to distinguish between speakers and it also increases the likelihood of cross talk. If you have a file with multiple speakers, transcription companies will often reduce the price if you do not need each speaker to be identified.

Provide Information Relevant to your Transcripts

Research can take a considerable amount of time, especially if your files contain technical or medical dialogue and terms. Providing your chosen transcription service with a list of terms, names and useful websites will help to reduce the cost of transcription and may also help increase the accuracy of your transcripts.

Transcription Extras

By foregoing any optional extras (such as time codes, visual descriptions, specific formatting, additional proofreading or speech analysis) you will keep the costs of your transcripts down. It is really worth thinking about what you actually need when it comes to optional extras.

Send Digital Files for Transcription

Sending hard copies of audio or video files will result in a higher transcription cost. This is because these types of file will need to be converted to digital before it can be transcribed, which takes extra time. It is always best to record your files digitally if possible, as it often produces better quality sound, is easy to send, faster to turnaround and reduces the price of transcription.

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