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Video Transcription

Video Transcription

Transcription City offers a comprehensive video transcription services for clients looking to have their videos transcribed. Video transcription can be useful for subtitles, closed captioning, reports and SEO. Here are some useful facts about the different video transcription processes and what transcription companies can provide.

Time Coded Video Transcription, Subtitles and Closed Captioning

Time coded video transcription can be useful if you want to be able to easily locate quotes and sections on your videos whilst reading your transcript. Basic time coded transcripts are most useful for reference purposes.

Subtitles and Closed Caption Transcription Services

Subtitles and closed captions need to be time coded and formatted to be in SRT or SRA format in order to work correctly. The formatting and typing work that transcription companies put into writing SRT or SRA files for use as subtitles is extensive and the pricing reflects this. Closed captioning is also offered but at a slightly higher rate as it will include other aspects of the video, not just the dialogue and hence, is even more time consuming.

Video Transcription with Visual Descriptions

Transcription companies can also provide services that include visual descriptions as well as dialogue. These services can be useful for research purposes, and can help bring context to more complex videos. For instance, if within a transcript, a speaker states, ‘Can you pass me that?’ Without a visual description, they could refer to a biscuit or a gun – anything you could imagine! But the visual description of ‘Speaker points to a cup of tea of the table’ really puts things into context.

Video Transcription for SEO

Video transcription services can be invaluable for SEO. Putting a video on YouTube or Vimeo can help with SEO by giving you extra links, and even likes from viewers of your videos, but having your video transcribed means that Google can recognise your key words and this is essential for getting to that coveted page 1 spot!

Accessible Video Transcription

You may be using transcription services in order to make information in your video available to those who are hard of hearing, or blind. If this is the case, we can ensure that your finished document is fully accessible to disabled readers. For instance, a portion of your video may contain graphs or visual data that within a transcript, would need to be readable by the blind. We can provide a service that will guarantee your video information is accessible to every possible reader or viewer.

Video Transcription Delivery

You may have a copy of your video on your PC that you can send over via our online file transfer system, or via WeTransfer, YouSendIt or DropBox, etc. Alternatively, you may have a copy of your video already posted to YouTube or Vimeo which you can simply send us the link to. However, if the only copy of your video you have is on DVD and either for reasons of large file size or security, you are happier to send us a copy in the post, this is absolutely fine. For an extra charge, we can transcribe files from DVD, CD or USB and post them straight back to you upon completion.
If you have a video that you would like to have transcribed or would like further information on our video transcription services, don’t hesitate to contact us either by email at, telephone on 0208 816 8584 or alternatively, via our live web chat service. We look forward to working with you on your videos!


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