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Unlocking the Potential of Video Transcription & Logging Services for Production Companies

In the fast-paced world of video production, efficiency and precision are keys to creating compelling visual stories. Video Editors and Content Creators are always on the lookout for tools and services that can streamline their workflow and enhance their storytelling capabilities. That’s where video transcription and video logging services come into play, offering a seamless way to navigate through hours of raw footage and refine the post-production process.

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Video Transcription For Video Production Companies

Transcripts are useful to production companies for a number of different reasons, from editing to subtitles. Having a video transcript can make life easier by saving you time and effort when it comes to finding what you need. Producing the best final edit possible, exactly how you want it.

Time Coded Video Transcription

Time coded video transcripts can be typed using intelligent verbatim, verbatim or edited transcription styles, depending on what you are using them for. Our standard transcripts will include time codes at 30 second intervals and for every speaker change if needed. We have our own template for time coded video transcription, but are also happy to work with any existing transcript templates you may have. As with video logging, we are happy to use either burnt in time codes or start from zero.

Transcription from Streaming Videos

We are able to download video streams, simply provide us with a link, username and password where needed. We will then download and transcribe your videos.

Video Transcription for Subtitles and Captions

We are able to provide a number of subtitle and caption formats. Currently our most popular subtitle format is .srt (generally used for web videos). We can also provide a number of other formats, including burnt on (open captioning). Feel free to contact us for more details.

Video Transcription from Hard Copies

We are able to transcribe from video hard copies such as DVD, VHS, USB and similar. To arrange for transcription of a video hard copy, please contact us. We can arrange for a suitable time to courier over your files. We have to convert hard copy videos into digital files for transcription. This means transcription of hard copy videos is more expensive. Transcribing hard copies has a longer turnaround than sending us digital or online video files. However, we are happy to assist you if you choose to convert your videos yourself. This will save you money and speed up the turnaround. If you would like more information about our video transcription, time coded video transcription, video logging or subtitle transcription services, contact us.  We are always happy to assist you.


Understanding Video Transcription

Video transcription is the process of converting spoken words within video content into written text. It serves several purposes – from creating captions and subtitles for enhanced accessibility to serving as a searchable text in post-production editing. This transcript is not only a written record but also a critical tool in the editing suite.

The Different Types of Video Transcription

There are several types of transcription that cater to specific needs:

Time-Coded: This includes timestamps, making it easy for editors to find specific parts of the video.

Verbatim: Every word, pause, and sound is documented, which is essential for documentaries and legal videos.

Multilingual: For content creators aiming at global audiences, translating speech in videos to various languages is indispensable.

These transcripts can dramatically improve the efficiency of video editors by providing a searchable text counterpart to the visual content.

Transcription and Multilingual Services: A Gateway to Global Audiences

Multilingual transcription and subtitling extend the reach of your content across linguistic borders. The case of a content creator who significantly expanded their viewership by incorporating translations and subtitles illustrates just that. The accessibility and broader appeal that comes with multilingual support cannot be overstated.

The Value of Video Logging in Editing

Video logging is the process of reviewing and cataloging footage before the edit. This step can save countless hours by organising takes, noting good performances, and flagging valuable pieces of content. A documentary film editor’s workflow was transformed with the adaptation of video logging services, becoming exemplary for others to follow.

Transcription and Logging of Rushes

Logging of rushes is a service mostly used by production companies who need to time code and log the useful portions of video. This includes raw footage, in order to be able to sift through quickly. We are happy to work with your video rushes. Video transcription can include logging camera shots. It will also include important events or visual scenes in your video that may not be included within the dialogue.

Much like logging of rushes, this service can be useful for video and film production companies looking to have their videos transcribed. For example, if shots need to be cut together, there may be silence on the original film, but a transcript will reflect ‘wide shot on ranch at sunset’ for ease of locating that shot. We are able to transcribe, add visual descriptions from your videos and match up time codes that are either burnt into the screen or included in the audio metadata.

However, if your video rushes contain a large number of video clips and you want us to match the onscreen times, we do ask that a blank screen is included for a couple of seconds between each clip to help the transcriptionist note the exact time change. Apart from that, simply let us know what you need and we’ll do the rest. Example Transcript for Video Rushes

Impacting Post-Production with Transcription Services

Post-production transcription isn’t only about creating a paper trail of the final video. It aids in creating closed captions and subtitles, which are not just about accessibility, but also about viewer engagement and SEO. A content creator’s channel saw a substantial boost in search engine visibility thanks to the inclusion of transcripts, proving that accessibility efforts can have ripple effects on visibility and reach.

Case Studies Highlighting the Benefits

Reducing Editing Time

Our clients editing time is cut down by 30% thanks to time-coded transcriptions. This tangible reduction in editing hours signifies lowered production costs and faster turnaround times, directly impacting the bottom line.

Reaching Global Markets

Another success story involves creators who incorporate multilingual transcription and subtitling to reach non-English speaking audiences. This strategic move results in a more inclusive approach and a discernible increase in worldwide viewership.

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency

The integration of video logging services into post-production enables film editors to streamline the sorting of raw footage, improving the workflow’s effectiveness and reducing monotony.

Boosting SEO and Accessibility

Analysis reveals that video transcription can significantly enhance SEO, drawing in more audience through improved searchability. When transcripts are indexed by search engines, they make your videos more discoverable.


The integration of transcription and video logging services can profoundly enhance the content production process for Production Companies and Content Creators. By embracing these services, you not only increase operational efficiency but also ensure that your content is poised to reach and resonate with the broadest audience possible. Whether through improved workflows, expanded global reach, or enhanced SEO outcomes, the case for investing in video transcription and logging services is clear and compelling.

Incorporate these transformative solutions into your video production workflow and witness a notable uptick in productivity, engagement, and market reach. Your stories deserve to be told effectively and found effortlessly—video transcription and logging are your keys to unlocking this potential.

If you would like more information about our transcription services, translation services, subtitling services or note taking services, please get in touch. We also offer fast transcription services for journalists and media companies.