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Video Transcription Services and Logging of Rushes

Options for Video Transcription and Logging of Rushes

If you are a video or film production company, you will know how important it is to have accurate transcriptions of your videos. Whether the scripts you require are used to log rushes, in order to pick out useful sections of your videos, to publish alongside your videos or to use as subtitles, here are some of the options that are available to you when working with our transcription company.

Time Coded Video Transcriptionclapper board

When working with video, time codes can be invaluable. When producing or working with any kind of video, especially one which is time stamped, it can be very helpful for editing purposes to have an accurate log of when within the video things are said so they can be found quickly and easily. Also, if you are looking to use your video transcript to create subtitles, having the initial document time coded may save you or your chosen subtitle transcription company extra time, and money in logging those times again.

Video transcription with Visual Description

Sometimes you may have a video that has a lot of silent sections or sections with music overlaid, where there is little or no speech to transcribe but much is going on. A standard transcript will include speech and any spoken word on a video or audio file as well as significant pauses or laughter, but it will not include any description where there are significantly large portions with no speech. If you do have large visual sections in your videos, it can be well worthwhile to have visual descriptions added to add much needed context to your final document. Also, having your videos transcribed in this way can be great for SEO and advertising purposes.

Subtitle and Captioning Services

Subtitles and closed captioning services to add text to your videos can make them available to a wider audience. Subtitles and closed captions can be invaluable to those with hearing problems and/or foreign speakers who require translated subtitles in order to understand your file. .SRT files and .SSA files can be created and burned onto your videos to make them accessible to the widest possible audience.

Logging of rushes

When producing video or film, you may have many hours of both usable and unusable footage which needs to be sifted through. Logging of rushes can be requested to include camera shots, and visual descriptions to add context and make elements of your video easily searchable. Logging of rushes will always be time coded, but there are many other options you can request in order to get the best of your logging of rushes service. For instance, you can request the director’s or sound crew’s speech to be included or omitted as you would prefer, and you can even specify terms to be used for your camera shot or visual descriptions.
If you have videos you would like to have typed into any format and would like to discuss your options or get a quote for our video transcription services, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. Alternatively you can give us a call on 0208 816 8584 or use our online web submission form for a chat!

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