Video Transcription and Subtitling Services For Educational Videos

The use of video in the classroom setting has become increasingly commonplace and is a highly effective teaching aid. There are many websites containing video content specifically made with interactive learning in mind, and teachers utilise such websites to aid the delivery of their lessons on a daily basis. The addition of subtitling services for educational videos provides several benefits to students and educators alike. Let’s explore the possibilities that video transcription and subtitling services offer –

Subtitling Services and Video Transcription – Improved Reading and Literacy Skills

The use of subtitles enhances a student’s experience with watching video. Not only do subtitling services for educational videos reinforce the message contained within the audio or on-screen ‘action’, they also gain extra attention from viewers. By drawing focus on the words, students experience improved reading and literacy skills; this way of processing information is interesting to them and assists teachers with delivering resources. This offers a way of learning which goes beyond reading information from a book or interactive board and makes learning a much more user-friendly experience.

Video Transcription and Subtitling Services For Educational Videos

A combination of sound and words on screen reinforces the message of educational video content to students, encouraging improved reading and listening skills. In addition, using subtitled video opens up a more dynamic range of learning resources for teachers, maximising the opportunities to reach students who are more auditory and visual learners. Overall, students are subject to a much more sensory learning experience and the benefits are in abundance; students enjoy the interactive element and, as a consequence, are more likely to engage with one another and, crucially, with their teachers.

Subtitling Services For Educational Videos – Accessibility

The use of subtitled video opens up learning to students of all ability ranges. As a resource, such video is an essential learning aid for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). As an example, where a student finds it particularly difficult to take in audio information, they may find reading subtitles assists them to retain key information, and vice-versa. Frequently, classes today are of mixed abilities and needs; catering to each and every student is vital.
Furthermore, educational subtitled video is an important tool to use for students who have English as a Second Language (ESOL). Understandably, learning a new language is an incredibly challenging undertaking. Utilising subtitled video assists ESOL students by delivering English in spoken and written form, providing a strengthened two-fold learning experience.
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