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Transcription for Video and Rushes

Transcription for Video and Rushes

Here at Transcription City, we love to transcribe videos. We are able to work with a variety of video formats and transcribe in whatever style is required.

Transcription of Online Videos

We are able to transcribe your online videos with or without time codes and can also provide subtitling and captioning services. Having your online videos transcribed is a great way of improving the SEO (improving your rankings on the search engines) of your videos and making them more visible to potential viewers or potential clients.

Transcription of Video Rushes

We are able to transcribe your video rushes in whatever style suits your needs. Whether you require specific time codes, visual descriptions, strict verbatim or intelligent verbatim we are happy to provide transcription of your video rushes to your specifications.

Transcription of Video for Broadcast

We work with a variety of video production companies to provide transcription for videos made for national and international broadcast. Our transcripts can include time codes at specified intervals, can include descriptions, transcription of subtitles or captions and again, can be transcribed in strict verbatim, intelligent verbatim or paraphrased styles.

Transcription of Video hard copies

If you have a video or collection of videos in a hard copy format (such as DVD, USB, Cassette or Drive) we can help. Simply call us with details of your project and we will arrange to be available to receive your videos at our London based offices. All videos will be converted to a digital format and then transcribed in your required style and format. We are also able to provide digital copies of you videos to you for a set price.

Transcription of Video for Educational Purposes

We can provide video transcripts in a discourse analysis, or visual analysis format for educational or research uses. These types of video transcripts can include time codes and special formatting depending on your needs.
Transcription City provides video transcription services to a variety of sectors and industries in a variety of formats and styles. If you would like to know more about our video transcription services, why not get in touch today? We are available 7 days per week and are always happy to help.

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