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Educational Video Subtitling Services and Transcription Services

Like any other business, there is a constant demand for the documentation of video and audio content within educational institutions; the variety of settings includes schools, colleges, universities and vocational course providers. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Educational Video Subtitling Services. subtitling services for educational videos, video transcription for educational videos, video translation services, video closed captioning services for video tutorials

Educational Video Subtitling Services for Students

As students, we know how demanding your learning workload can be. From attending lectures and seminars to carrying out research, the life of a student is always busy. Transcription City can take on some of the hard work for you, delivering high quality results each and every time.

Transcription Services for Students

Attending lectures can be a very time-consuming process. Digesting such a vast amount of information delivered by the lecturer can be difficult, as can taking valuable notes with which to refer to later on. Why not remove some of the pressure and responsibility by sending us your notes to type up? One of our experienced staff can transcribe your notes for you, saving you precious time that could otherwise be utilised elsewhere in your studies. Likewise, any notes you make in the process of compiling information for your dissertation are a further example of our transcription services.
If you are carrying out interviews for the purpose of research, students regularly make audio or video recordings of these interactions. Rather than trawling through lengthy footage or voice recordings yourself, Transcription City can produce highly accurate transcripts for you. Students have the option of using intelligent verbatim, where repetition is excluded from the transcript, or strict verbatim, where every significant sound and ‘um’ and ‘ah’ is included. Furthermore, we can provide these transcriptions with timecodes, making it easier to refer back to particular sections of the recording.

Educational Video Subtitling Services for Teaching Staff

For teaching staff, the need to produce informative lectures and educational video subtitling services and transcription for audio/video content for your students is increasingly more important than ever before. To aid the successful delivery of course content, whether it be primary school or university, Transcription City can assist you by taking on some of your preparatory tasks for you.

Audio and Video Subtitling Services

With an increased use of visual and audio aids, teaching staff can now provide a more diverse system of learning. With the introduction of highly effective teaching aids, the use of video in the classroom setting has become commonplace. Accessing interactive video content provides an enhanced learning experience for students.
With this in mind, in order to capture the full attention of your students and better promote your resources, Transcription City can add subtitles to your recordings to enrich the learning experience. Reinforcing video content by using sound and screens on screen, your students’ can benefit from a more user-friendly experience and improved reading and literacy skills; this in turn sustains attention and results in significantly improved academic results.
Our transcriptionists work hard to meet the needs of students who have Special Educational Needs (SEN). As an example, where a student finds it particularly difficult to take in audio information, they may find reading subtitles assists them to retain key information, and vice-versa. Frequently, classes today are of mixed abilities and needs; catering to each and every student is vital.
In addition to SEN (Special Educational Needs), educational subtitled video is an important tool to use for students who have English as a Second Language (ESOL). Understandably, learning a new language is an incredibly challenging undertaking. Utilising subtitled video assists ESOL students by delivering English in spoken and written form, providing a strengthened two-fold learning experience.
If you would like to find out more about this, or any of the subtitling services, video transcription services (for education video and documentaries), closed captioning services and translation services (including video translation and foreign language subtitling services) Transcription City can offer, please get in touch via the website, telephone or email!
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