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Why students should use a transcription service

Academic Transcription

If you are at university or college, using a transcription company for academic transcription can be a really simple way of either turning recorded information into hard copy, or organising your notes. I have put together a list of ways that you can use a transcription service, to help with any projects or research you may have.

Dissertation/thesis transcription.

Talk to your transcription provider to ensure that they know the specifics of what you need in terms of the layout, formatting and style(verbatim or intelligent verbatim). Be sure to include all the information you have, such as any recorded interviews, research, bibliography, etc. Having a thesis (or references within a thesis) transcribed from dictation can be a real time saver and can mean that students have more time to focus on their studies  or just spend some time with friends

Lecture Transcription.

This can be a really useful tool to help with learning and an aid for organising all of your relevant information. Teachers and lecturers may also want to use this service either to provide their students with a hard copy of an important lecture, or as a self evaluation tool to help improve the information provided in their lectures.

Note Taking.

This service can be of particular use to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. The transcriptionist can type up all of the relevant information from your lectures. This can also be used if you have trouble finding the time to type up your notes, especially if you have an important exam coming up and you need to spend time studying.

Research Interviews.

Academic or scientific research needs large amounts of concentration. If you are involved in an intensive research project it can be really difficult to find the time to type up your research interviews. Espeically when you also have to obtain and correlate data. Many academic transcription services will be able to do this for you within a couple of hours.

PowerPoint presentations.

Putting an interesting presentation together can be time consuming and stressful. Using PowerPoint is often the best way to arrange all of your important data and research. PowerPoint presentations can help to prompt you during a speech and also give an interesting visual aspect to your audience. After your speech, you can choose to have your presentation transcribed for reference. It’s worth noting also, that PowerPoint presentations are also quick and easy to digest. They can be an incredible revision aid in preparing for exams.

Discourse analysis transcription.

If you are a psychology or law student, then having an in-depth transcription of a discussion or interview transcribed as discourse analysis. Can save you having to do it all yourself. Discourse analysis can also provide some fresh insight into what is meant by your respondent’s dialogue.

CV Writing.

If you have just finished University or College and are looking for employment, you can greatly improve your chances of finding work by having a professional and correctly formatted CV.

I hope you enjoyed my list of different ways that students can enjoy the benefit of using transcription services.

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