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Educational Video Transcription

Transcription For Educational Video

If you make a number of educational videos or video tutorials it can be a really good idea to have them professionally transcribed. Here are some of the advantages of having your academic or educational videos transcribed.

Educational Transcription
Educational Video Transcription Services

Search Engine Optimisation. As the content of videos cannot be read by the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) at this time, videos are indexed depending on the text that accompanies the video. This includes the title, description, tags and (most importantly) the transcript. This is because the transcript contains the most accurate description of the contents of your video. It also means that you can include keywords within your video to make your content even more searchable. So make your videos stand out from the crowd with accurate video transcripts!
For Students who are Hard of Hearing. Video Transcripts make studying for those who are hard of hearing or deaf much more convenient. Video transcripts can either be used to create subtitles or interactive transcripts. They can also be printed off and used either in combination or separately from the video itself. This means that you are able to cater to every student’s individual needs perfectly.
Ease of Sharing. Transcripts can be shared easily via email, hard copies or social media. This can drive a larger audience to you original videos and also mean that students can help each other learn when watching a video isn’t practical.
Learning Aid. Video transcripts can put together and used to produce other educational media, such as blogs, articles, study guides or even educational EBooks.
Future Improvements. Having a hard copy of the contents of your video can be really useful in terms of being able to identify any potential improvements or amendments that could be made for subsequent videos.
Video Transcripts Can Be Used Anywhere. Video transcripts can be printed and read whenever you need them, without requiring an internet connection.
Available World Wide. Video transcripts can also be translated into any language, meaning not only can you educate and inform those who speak your language, but you can also connect with anyone in the world using a transcript that has been translated. This means that your videos are useful to anyone and everyone that chooses to watch them.
We think you’ll find that once you start having your educational videos transcribed, you’ll be amazed at the benefits and additional audience that it brings to your business or organisation!
If you would like more information about academic transcription or educational video transcription, please get in touch. We have a dedicated team of online secretaries and transcriptionist who are ready and waiting to take your call.

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