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Introducing our special offer, crafted to deliver exceptional value in transcription services. We ensure our clients receive premium services at good prices.

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To demonstrate our commitment to quality, we offer a free five-minute sample for transcription projects using intelligent or strict verbatim transcription. This trial is ideal for prospective clients exploring transcription services or those seeking a reliable transcription partner. Our free sample showcases our commitment to excellence and helps you make an informed decision. Simply upload a short piece of audio or video (up to five minutes) and we will complete free of charge. All we need from you is to complete our client registration form. 

Customised Solutions for Diverse Requirements

We specialise in catering to a variety of transcription needs. Whether you require specific formatting, time codes, verbatim, intelligent verbatim, or discourse analysis, our team tailors services to meet your specifications. We also offer custom transcript layouts upon request, ensuring our services align perfectly with your requirements. We offer post production transcripts too. Do get in touch if you wish for these to be translated


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Commitment to Precision and Quality

Our focus on accuracy and superior formatting stands as a testament to the quality of our work. We strive to deliver transcripts that meet the highest standards of precision and clarity, ensuring client satisfaction in every project. We also have an additional service of proofreading if you would like your work double checked. This also works for clients who have typed documents themselves or used AI for their transcripts.

Secure and Streamlined Service Process

Begin your trial by sending us an email with your requirements. Then, register as a new client. You can securely upload your files to our SSL 256-Bit encrypted servers. We will arrange a complimentary trial of our services, emphasising the security and confidentiality of your information.


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Transcription City is your ideal choice for business, medical, academic, legal, or individual transcription projects. Our combination of quality, bespoke and affordable transcription services sets us apart as a leading transcription and translation service provider. Experience our commitment to excellence; start with our free trial and discover the Transcription City advantage. We also provide Note taking services, subtitling services and PowerPoint presentation design. We also provide expert translation services so contact us today. 


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