Translation Fails – Finding Good Translation Companies

May 16, 2018 Samantha

We have all seen it and laughed about it – translation fails that confirm to all that you always need to find reliable translation companies to work with. Translation fails can be the funny ones where Chinese menus have had their items translated for tourists and now and again the electronic translation on the computer failed and it spat out an unexpectedly outrageous equivalent. This is often unbeknown to the people involved, who we also need to think about, because languages do not come easy to everyone to learn and a lot of the times there are simply no facilities or means to learn them.Translation companies, translation services, transcription services, transcription companies, subtitling services, closed captioning services, video transcription, transcription, translations.

Translation Companies

That is where Transcription City comes in with their experienced, and often bilingual, speakers of other languages and translators. We can help you to translate your documents and video files, conference speeches and transcripts or even medical records into English and vice versa.

But let’s go onto a little journey of how not to do it. Now in Germany it is handy to have a Handy. A handy in Germany is, for some unexplained reason, a mobile phone. And so the majority of Germans with a little less knowledge of the English language might think that the word ‘Handy’ in their eyes, due to the English pronunciation, is also being used as the name for a mobile phone in the UK or a cell phone in the US. But nein. Equally, they will be looking at you blankly when you asked them whether a mobile phone is ‘handy’ to have. Or you might be thinking how a ‘hose’ could be too ‘gross’ in German? It might be a bit manky from the garden, but surely it can’t be too bad. And anyway, you are in the changing room of a department store trying on a new outfit, why would the sales assistant want to talk about dirty hoses? Ah yes, a ‘Hose’ in German is a pair of trousers and they are not disgusting, they are simply too ‘gross’, too ‘big’. Try again.

Professional Translation Companies

Never mind though, we just need a magic ‘wand’ and everything will be okay, right? Just be sure to check that one before you use it too. A ‘Wand’ in German is a ‘wall’. And if you know your history well, then you know that they are very keen to pull walls down over there. But of course, it is not your fault, it is the machine’s fault for not translating these correctly. Blame someone else. Tell the Germans that you are ‘blamieren’ yourself. But oh, you just ‘embarrassed’ yourself. Oh dear, oh dear.

So leave the professional translation services, transcription services, subtitling services and closed captioning services to us at Transcription City. We are the translation services experts and know how to navigate these little hurdles. Have something to translate? Get in touch for a quote.

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