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Keynote Presentations For iPad, Mac and iPhone

Since the iPad was released, many people have found that it is an extremely useful tool that is great to for business purposes including diary management, note taking and as a means of research and minute taking during meetings because of its versatility. The iPad is particularly useful because of its compact size and user friendly interface. The iCloud (or apps such as Dropbox) also means that all of your data can be shared or synced with your iPhone, iPod or Mac wherever you are in the world.

Although it is possible to show PowerPoint presentations using a Mac, iPad or iPhone, you may want to edit and perfect small details on the fly or make some quick and essential changes just before a business presentation. This can be a lot less complicated if you choose to design and edit your presentations using Keynote, instead of PowerPoint. Having your presentations on your iPad or iPhone, also means that your data can be easily shared and discussed during one-to-one meetings as well as being quick and easy to edit from your iPad.

We can design, edit, proofread or simply tweak your Keynote presentations to ensure you will dazzle your colleges and clients with clean designs, accurate data and informative text. The sky is the limit as we can add as many videos, pictures, sounds, numeric data, graphs and text as your clients and colleges can handle.

We can assign you with a secretary with experience using Keynote, who can design your Keynote presentations according to your requirements.

Our clients are also able to dictate, record and upload sound files for transcription directly to us via iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Please contact us for further details or a quote for keynote presentation design, keynote presentation formatting, proofreading for Keynote presentations and more.

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