Cheap Closed Captioning Services – Cheap Subtitling Services

Here at Transcription City, we know that your to do list doesn’t always suit the bank account which is why we offer a range of cheap closed captioning services and subtitling services to suit every budget. We think that it’s important that video captioning and subtitling is important, as it makes your content more accessible to every viewer. With this in mind, we thought we’d go through just some of the factors that can save you money on your closed captioning and subtitling subtitling services, cheap captioning services, cheap closed captioning services, cheap closed captioning services for the deaf and hard of hearing

Create Your Own Subtitles for Free!

There are ways that you can create your subtitles for free by using free online software such as subtitle workshop. These programs allow you to play, transcribe and export your subtitle files. However, they can be time consuming, especially if you need to subtitle a large video file or are not a fast typist. Subtitles can also be created using online software such as YouTube’s own captioning platform, which can be automatically transcribed, timed and downloaded (we must add though, it is strongly recommended that any subtitles you create via this method are thoroughly proofread).

Sending Transcripts and Adding Automatic Caption Timings

Another way to save money on your subtitles and captions is to send us the transcripts for automatic timings to be added. This does reduce the cost significantly, but as timings are automatically added, the subtitles and captions produced aren’t always as accurate as is needed for professional use.

Professional Transcription with Automatic Caption Timings

We also offer a budget subtitling and closed captioning service where we can transcribe your videos and then convert to subtitles or captions using automatic timings. This does again reduce the costs significantly, but again, is not as accurate as manual timings, which are recommended.

Captioning Services from Professional Video Transcription Services and Manual Timings

Having your videos transcribed for captioning purposes (including non verbal cues), proofread and then passed on to video spotters who will check the timings and caption lengths is recommended for professional videos that you wish to use for business or if you are a video production company. This will ensure that your closed captions are professional can be used either online (YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon Video) or offline (Broadcast television, Satalite and cable channels).

Subtitling Services – Video Transcription Services, Professional Translation Service and Manual Timings

If you also require foreign language subtitling services, then we can provide professional video transcription services in the source language, then professional translation services, followed by proofreading and manual timings to ensure that you have foreign language subtitles that can be used for business and broadcast purposes in one or several different languages of your choice.

Our cheap closed captioning services and cheap subtitling services start from as little as £2.00 + VAT per video minute, it is always worth discussing your needs with one of our professional video captioning team to ensure that you get the exact closed captioning service or subtitling service you require.

You can also find more information about subtitling and closed captioning on YouTube and Google help.