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Selecting between Transcription Companies - Meeting your Transcription Needs. 

Transcription City is a transcription company that specialise in a variety of transcription services. This design specifically aims to meet the varied needs of different industries. Our transcription expertise, coupled with a strong focus on confidentiality and secure file transfers, ensures a seamless service delivery.

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Media Transcription Companies Subtitling and Translation

Media transcription involves converting spoken words in audio or video formats into written text, often for subtitling and translation purposes. We know that the deadlines on media projects are often very tight. This means that we provide very fast turnarounds on projects where required.  When selecting between transcription companies, typists in this field typically possess qualifications in media studies, linguistics, or foreign languages. They also have experience in handling diverse media content, from documentaries to corporate videos.They adapt to speedy deadlines with ease.

Multilingual Language Transcription and your Transcription Company

Multilingual transcription services cater to the transcription of audio or video in multiple languages, crucial in today’s globalised context. Our language transcription services, can include time stamps.

This type of transcription often pairs with translation and time stamps, allowing the original language and its translation to appear on the same transcript.

Many transcription companies do not offer multilingual transcription or translation. Transcriptionists are often fluent in several languages and have qualifications in translation or linguistics, coupled with cultural awareness to ensure accuracy. They also often have experience with subtitling and interpreting.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription involves converting voice-recorded medical reports into text format. It can also include medical conferences, medical seminars and medical training videos. We find that our medical transcription services aid in learning and awareness.

Transcription companies with professionals in this area will have a background in medical sciences, with certifications in medical transcription. They are familiar with medical terminology and confidentiality regulations like HIPAA.

Legal Transcription

Legal transcription services focuses on transcribing legal proceedings, hearings, and other law-related audio. This can include video and audio evidence for use in court.

Legal transcriptionists actively type verbatim (word for word) and time stamp the content. They can also combine this service with multilingual transcription or translation for projects involving multiple languages. These professionals possess extensive experience in their field, along with a deep understanding of legal terminology and documentation.

Corporate Transcription

Corporate transcription covers business meetings, conferences, and other corporate communications. This can also be in the form of note taking and minute taking. Online video conferencing calls (Zoom, Teams, etc.) can be recorded and transcribed as required.

Transcriptionists and note takers in this field usually have a background in business studies or corporate communication, with an understanding of corporate jargon.

Real-Time Transcription

Real-time transcription provides instant transcription services for live events, meetings, or broadcasts.  This requires either a live captioner or stenographer.

Firstly, a stenographer utilizes a steno machine to achieve exceptionally fast typing speeds. Additionally, their experience in this field ensures a high level of accuracy.

Training and experience in live transcription environments are required to offer live transcription services.


Time-Coded Transcription

Time coded transcription involves adding time codes into transcripts. This is useful in a variety of settings. Legal transcripts, video transcripts (for broadcast) and audio that requires detailed analysis often need time stamps.

Transcription companies should offer proficiency in transcription software and video editing tools is helpful. Transcriptionists should maintain a keen eye for detail. This ensures that timings are regular and accurate.

Discourse Analysis

Discourse analysis goes beyond basic transcription and analyses the linguistic nuances in spoken language. There are many variations in the style and conventions of discourse analysis. Symbols, characters and words are used to indicate speech variations.

A background in linguistics or psychology, with skills in qualitative analysis will ensure your transcriptionist produces a true and accurate transcript.

Transcription Companies Security and Confidentiality

Security of File Transfer: We employ encrypted file transfer methods to ensure the security and integrity of your data.

Confidentiality: Our transcriptionists sign confidentiality agreements to guarantee the privacy of your information, adhering to the highest standards of data protection.

Our transcription company is committed to providing specialised transcription services across various sectors. With a team of qualified professionals, secure file transfer methods, and a strong emphasis on confidentiality, we are equipped to handle your transcription needs with utmost precision and care. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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