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Tape Transcription Options

As technology moves forward, the need to transcribe from hard copy material such as cassette tapes, CD’s, VHS, DVD and the like has reduced drastically. Without the need to physically deliver material to a transcriptionist, the transcription process has become much faster, cheaper and less complicated; endless trips to and from the Post Office and arrangements with couriers, or delivery companies is no longer required. With that said, there are still a substantial number of clients who still use cassette tapes to record their interviews (PACE interviews spring to mind).

Cassette tape transcription services
What’s ‘The Internet’?

So today, we thought we’d take a look at a couple of the options available when it comes to converting your own cassette tapes into digital files that can then be sent via the internet and therefore eliminating the need to physically send a hard copy of your recording.

Converting a Cassette Tape to a Digital File

Cheapest (but more complicated option) to convert a cassette tape to a digital file

If you have recorded an interview or dictation onto a cassette tape, chances are that you have a cassette recorder. If this is the case, then the only other equipment that you will need to convert your cassette tape into an mp3 file is a computer and a male 3.5mm stereo jack to male 3.5 stereo jack (cost is around 99p), you will then be able to play the tape and record the sound via your PC or Mac built in microphone. This will record as a digital file, which can then be sent to your chosen transcription company via the Internet.
Detailed instructions on how to convert a cassette tape into a digital file can be found on our cassette tape to digital file page, along with a video.

More expensive (but easiest method) to convert a cassette tape to a digital file

Another, simpler option is to buy a tape converter. These are generally the size of an old fashioned cassette Walkman and can be plugged into your PC, Mac or external hard drive via USB port. From there the sound is converted to mp3 or other digital file. These can be purchased from retailers such as Amazon and start from around £15.00.
Here at Transcription City, we convert all hard copies to digital files before transcription and also offer our clients the opportunity to download digital copies of their recordings once they have been transcribed. They will then be deleted from our system after 7 days, which is within our policy.
If you have a cassette tape that you would like to have transcribed or would like to know more about our tape transcription services, why not get in touch? We have a team of transcriptionists and online secretaries who are available and happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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