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Subtitling Services and Translation Services Over the Holiday Season

Here at Transcription City, we provide translation services and subtitling over the holiday season. Our translation services, transcription services, subtitling services and voiceover services are available over Christmas and the new year. So you can contact us at any time over the holiday season! This even includes our note taking services!

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Let us take care of your work over the Christmas period

German Translation Services over Christmas

We provide German translation services over the holiday period, with that in mind, let’s hear some thoughts from one of our experienced German linguists.

German Translation Honey Treasures

Have you ever wondered whether nick names are sort of the same in different languages, albeit translated? So when you call your better half “darling”, that equally someone in Germany would also call their better half the German equivalent of “Liebling”? You are not far off. In this particular case. Because the Germans also use the word “darling” as a nick name for their spouse. It is those funny things that you come across when you work as a translator.

But are all the other ones the same? Honey? Sweety-Pie? Sugar? No, not really. All three would earn you confused looks in Germany. They would rather call you Süße (‘cute’ or ‘sweet’ at the same time) or Hasi (bunny). The most common one, and also my favourite one, is “Schatz” which translates into “Treasure”. Now how fitting is this? Your other half is indeed a treasure that was very hard to find and therefore you should treasure it as something very precious. 

On the other hand the Germans have a rather strange, sorry, I mean interesting phenomenon when it comes to nicknames for other people. Some rather common nick names for partners are also “Mausi” (little mouse) or “Spatz”, which means little sparrow. But when it comes to small children, they tend to go a little wild. A baby can easily be described as a “Würmchen” (little worm), “Krümel” (crumb) or “Motte” (little moth). Yes, I do absolutely assure you that the Germans do not intend to be cruel, but really do love their children and I am testament, as I have survived such a childhood and onslaught of nicknames. I was also my grandma’s “sunshine” and rather liked being my grandfather’s “sparrow”. 

Looking back at the English versions, please don’t look so smug. You call your dear offspring pumpkin? Who wants to be compared to a large, round bright orange vegetable that is being turned into ghoulish faces at Halloween? Nope, me neither. And what on earth really is a sweetie-pie? A shortcrust pie stuffed with boiled sweets? Explain yourself please.

Right now I am sitting here, really wanting to know what nicknames you use at home. But I guess that will forever remain a mystery. But next time you shout down the house for your beloved darling to make you another cup of tea, maybe think twice. And call her something different this time. If you hit the target, you may get that cup of tea. You never know! Good Luck!

Translation Services over the Holidays

If you would like more information about any of the translation services, transcription services, subtitling services, notetaking services or voice over services we provide, why not get in touch? We are available throughout the holiday period and throughout the week.

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