Court Reporting, Note Taking and Interpreters

August 15, 2014 Samantha

Here at Transcription City, we offer an amazing array of online and remote secretarial, virtual assistant and transcription services. However, if you require an in-house secretarial service, we are now offering a range of professional on site and in-house services for our clients; from legal, to educational, we can help!

Foreign language Interpreters and translation services

Inaccurate translations can lead to problems!

Court Reporting and Real Time Stenography

Our court reporting team are experienced, qualified individuals, who will provide you with an accurate, timely and professional service. They will arrive 30 minutes beforehand to prepare and provide all of their own equipment where needed. We can also provide you with real time Speech to Text (STT) services for clients who are Deaf or hard of hearing, allowing a live account of what is being said to appear via laptop or screen during the event.

Foreign Language Interpreters

As well as offering translation services, we also offer in person and online interpreters. Our professional translators and interpreters are selected according to your needs. We can provide one to one interpreters for a range of meetings and events, including legal, medical, academic, corporate and informal. Our interpreters pride themselves on being friendly, professional and responsive to your needs.

Note Taking

An in-house notetaker can be required for all sorts of reasons; these can be as simple as your secretary is off sick and you need last minute cover or perhaps you are taking part in a meeting where making records has been prohibited. We provide note takers for students who need additional assistance.

e with taking notes for their studies and for larger events such as conferences and seminars. Our secretaries will arrive promptly before your meeting starts (in order to prepare). They will provide a draft of their notes immediately after your event and then a final draft either a few hours later or the following day (depending on the time of day and length of the event). We can also include audio copies of your event as part of the service as and when required.

Our in-house secretarial services are great when you need a company that can provide both online and offline assistance. Please ensure that you always book with as much notice as possible in order to avoid disappointment and also be sure to provide us with as much relevant information about your event as possible beforehand. This allows us to select the perfect secretary for your needs and gives them the information they need to prepare for your appointment.

If you are interested in our in-house or online transcription services would like a quote or simply need more information, why not contact us today?

If you would like to know more about foreign language interpreters and what they do, please browse our website, contact us or you can find a useful summary on Wikipedia.



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