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What is an Online Conference?

If you need to hold a meeting from the comfort of your home, then an online conference is a great way to work from home. If allows you to chat with attendees from across the globe, from a different parts of the country or across the city without hassle. 

What is an Online Conference? 

Conferences (or web based conferences) are a great way to communicate with colleagues virtually. If you need to hold meetings or discuss important issues without having to travel to a specific location to physically attend, a virtual conference can be a godsend. If you need to work from home but your job involves holding discussions with clients, customers, your team or your colleagues,  a virtual meeting is a great solution. Online conferences and web based meetings are a simple, cost effective and time saving solution to in person meetings.

The great thing about online conferences is that they are so accessible to everyone. They can accommodate attendees from anywhere in the world without the expense of travel, accommodation or meeting rooms. All you need is a good internet connection and somewhere comfortable to sit! The other great thing about virtual meetings is that they are environmentally friendly so reduce your carbon footprint. 

Minute Taking for Conferences

If you do decide to hold your event or conference virtually, then you can still have minutes taken, just as you would during a physical meeting. Minute taking services for online conferences help you to keep a record of events and allow you to share with the attendees for future reference. Minute taking services for online conferences can include any subject matter (from online medical conferences, online interviews, online panel discussions and even online media events). 

Transcription Services for Conferences

If you want to take things a step further, then having your conference transcribed means that you have a verbatim record of events. This is great for attendees who want an in-depth reminder of the discussion or can be used as online subtitles or captions if you then go on to publish your video conference online. 

Subtitling Services for Conferences

If you have attendees who are deaf or hard of hearing, live captioning means that they can fully participate in the discussion easily. We provide live online captioning services for this very reason. 

If you would like more information about different online conferencing platforms or would like us to design a package for recording, minute taking, transcribing or captioning your online conferences, contact us today for more information. 

We also provide transcription services for recordings, translation services, subtitling services and note taking services. We are available 7 days a week and are always happy to help.

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