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Transcription for Conferences

Conference Transcription

Conferences take place in all different business sectors and can also take many forms. Some conferences are highly formal, with designated speakers, allocated Q&A time and hundreds of speakers and/or attendees. Some conferences are important on a global level with speakers from around the world, and other conferences can be smaller and even take place within one company.

Conference transcription
Conference transcription.

Whatever the differences, a conference is designed for mutually interested parties to discuss issues or events in order to come to constructive conclusions. Businesses spend a lot of money on conferences: booking an expensive room at a fancy hotel, providing sandwiches, providing informative pamphlets and brochures to attendees and implementing changes following the findings, so why not go that extra mile and have a transcript of your conference? Here are some of the key benefits.
• A Permanent Record. Having a transcription of a conference will mean you and your company can have a permanent record of useful findings and information from the conference. It’s a fact that during meetings, listeners are most focused during the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes. So what about the two hours in between where you may have been sneakily daydreaming? The truth is without a permanent record, much important information from your conference will be lost.
• Research. It is far easier to research a topic from written word than it is from memory of what was discussed, or even an audio recording. Having a transcription means that when you wish to look back over a certain key area within your conference, you can simply search for keywords within your transcript and effectively pinpoint one important area within hours of audio.
• Circulation and Training. A transcript or summary of a conference can be a highly useful document to circulate to employees and colleagues for informative or even development purposes. This will also mean you can get even more feedback and brainstorming on certain key topics.
• Clarification. Sometimes when concentration wanes during a conference, you may have felt you missed something or didn’t fully grasp the concept. Having a transcript of what was said will give you a reference point to go back and fully comprehend the information in your own time.
• Practicality. Sometimes, especially during Q&A sessions, as an attendee you may find you couldn’t actually hear all that was said. Providing the recording picks it up, you can find out what was said that you had missed. Let’s just hope it wasn’t an attendee rambling about what he was having for dinner that night!
• Development. For annual, seasonal or even monthly conferences, it can be very useful to compare stats and information from event to event to see how things are progressing. Obviously, this is much more easily done when you can search key words, terms and statistics between transcripts.
Remember, these are just some of the benefits of conference transcription. I’m sure you can come up with some of your own too. Transcription City provides conference transcription for many sectors including financial, medical, legal, political, video and many more!
If you would like more information or have any specific requirements for your own conference transcription, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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