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Video Transcription Services for Reality TV Shows

Here at Transcription City we have a team of transcriptionists who specialize in TV transcription, film transcription and video transcription. We think it is important to give our clients a transcription service that meets their exact needs and specifications, and although you may think that all video transcription is the same, there are many variations and add-ons that can be applied to a video transcript to ensure that our clients get the information they need and that irrelevant information is omitted. With this in mind, we are going to look at transcription for reality TV shows. Want to know more? If so, read on!

Video Transcription
Don’t produce a Turkey! Use our video transcription services.

Reality TV Transcription

Transcription of reality TV shows is different from many types of video transcription, in the sense that it often contains large amounts of unscripted, dialogue instead of standard interviews, narrations or dictation. The audio from reality TV rushes and even final edits of reality TV shows can often be recorded within a noisy environment and at times can be hard to hear, even though professional recording equipment has been used. Reality TV transcription also often requires that the transcriptionist provides additional information to augment the dialogue, such as brief visual descriptions, to help the editor or reader put the information into context. All speakers will also be identified (with their names where possible).

Additional Extras for Reality TV Transcripts

As standard, reality TV transcripts contain only relevant dialogue between the characters being filmed and not general direction or dialogue between production staff. However, if you need everything to be transcribed, we are happy to do so. We are also happy to transcribe video that contains both interviews and reality footage on the same transcript.

Time coded Video Transcription

We are happy to provide time coded transcription for your reality TV show transcripts, our standard time codes are included at 30 second intervals, although we are happy to provide transcripts with more regular time codes. If subtitles or captions are required, we can also provide these where needed.
If you would like to know more about reality TV transcription, video transcription or any of our other transcription services, why not get in touch? We offer free quotes where needed and provide a range of transcript add-ons, such as template design, visual descriptions and virtual assistant services where needed. We are fast, accurate and reliable and look forward to connecting with you, whatever your project.

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