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Transcription for Video and Documentaries

Here at Transcription City we offer a range of video transcription services to meet your needs and requirements. This includes video transcription for rushes, online video transcription and subtitling, postproduction transcripts and transcription of videoconferences. One of our most popular video transcription services is transcription of video documentaries. With that in mind, here is our guide to documentary transcription services.

Video transcription
Video transcription for Planet of the Apes!

Transcription and Video File format

Video can be sent in a variety of formats, including both hard copies (DVD/VHS/USB/Hard drive) and as an online digital copy. We recommend sending small or compressed digital video that can be downloaded quickly and easily. Sending compressed, easy to work with video saves money and reduces the turnaround time when compared to working with large (1GB or more) or hard copy videos, which we have to convert in house.

Transcript Layouts

We will work with your needs and specifications when it comes to your video transcript layout. This includes adding time codes, visual descriptions, scene numbers and captions. We will also work with your existing template of preferred.

Transcript Style

When it comes to transcription styles, we are here to help! We offer edited transcription, paraphrased transcription, intelligent verbatim transcription, strict verbatim transcription and discourse analysis. We are also more than happy to modify any of the above transcription styles to your exact specifications.

Transcript Turnaround

We are able to turnaround your video transcripts in as little as just four hours (although it is strongly recommended that you book in advance). We are able to meet strict deadlines for urgent video transcription and can also send your transcripts on a rolling basis if you have a lot for us to transcribe or your video project is ongoing.

Transcript Research and Useful Information

Our transcriptionists are more than happy to carry out research in order to ensure that your transcripts are accurate. However, it is recommended that you provide as much information as possible when sending your videos for transcription, as this can help speed up turnaround and helps the typist with any additional research needed. We recommend that you use our additional proofreading service for video files that contain information that is medical or highly technical.

Transcription and Confidentiality

If your videos contain sensitive information or are confidential in nature, you are in good hands! All of our typists sign confidentiality (NDA) agreements before commencing work with us. We are also registered with the data protection act and happy to sign your own NDA or provide one of our own. All uploads and downloads are secure and we are happy to password protect your transcripts and documents on request.
If you are interested in transcription for video, why not contact us today? We offer a range of video transcription services including videoconference transcription, TV transcription, movie transcription, documentary transcription, transcription of rushes and even captions and subtitles (in a variety of languages if needed). We are available 7 days a week and are always happy to help so get in touch today for more information
You Tube actually offers captioning on all videos uploaded using speech recognition, but if you want a higher level of accuracy feel free to read on how to upload your own interactive transcript or .srt files to YouTube

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