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Transcription Services and Note Taking

As well as offering transcription services, we also offer minute taking and note taking services. However, in order to get the most from our minute taking services it is advisable to provide your secretary with all of the necessary information she might need in order to make your minutes as concise and accurate as possible.

Note taking and minute taking services
We take the hard work out of meeting minutes

Professional Minute and Note Taking Services

In order for your secretary to provide a professional minute taking service, they will want as much relevant information as possible. This includes things such as minutes from previous meetings, a list of attendees, company information and background documents including other media such as PowerPoint presentations or videos to be shown during the meeting. If required, your secretary can create PowerPoint presentations and an agenda for your meeting in advance. These resources can also be emailed to attendees or uploaded to web sharing sites, prior to your meeting, inline with your existing requirements and preferences. It is also advisable that you make arrangements for a reliable and experienced member of staff to chair your meeting, in order to keep the discussion relevant and organized.
Depending on the type of meeting and the level of note taking you require, your secretary may or may not record your meeting via Dictaphone or laptop. Minutes are generally typed on a computer, but occasionally will be hand written (known as shorthand). Minutes will be transferred on to the agenda where they are properly organized for ease of reference. Secretaries are also happy to leave the meeting if you want to break to continue parts of your meeting privately.
Generally speaking, you will receive a rough draft of your minutes approximately two hours after the meeting has adjourned and then a final draft within 24-48 hours (depending on your specifications). The final draft will be worked on autonomously by the secretary, using the rough draft, existing documents and recordings before sending to the chairperson for approval.
Once approved, your meeting minutes will be sent out via email or online workspace for everyone to benefit from.
If you are interested in minute taking services (for board meetings, operational meetings or informal meetings) feel free to contact us at any time. We also offer additional services such as court reporting, stenography, transcription services, video transcription and translations. So call or email us today!
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