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Transcription, Translation and Quality Checking

Whatever transcription or translation service you are looking to use for your projects, quality checks can be a vital part of the job. Saving you time and ensuring the best accuracy against your source material. Transcription and translation projects require different levels and methods of quality checking. Below are some of our processes, procedures and terms. When it comes to the all important transcription and translation quality checks we are on it.

Audio and Video Transcription Quality Checking

When using video transcription services or audio transcription services, your files will be proofread by your transcriptionist after finishing your work. Our transcriptionists are highly qualified and experienced within their fields. We go through grammar, spelling and punctuation tests as well as tests on audio in order to ensure high quality of work.
Errors that our transcriptionists are careful to look out for include mishears, grammatical mistakes and overly long sentences. If the work is time coded, any discrepancies in timings, or formatting errors are amended.
For any errors that may be found on transcripts, we offer a free revision and amendment service as long as we are made aware of errors within 24 hours.

Translation Quality Checking

Translation work is by nature more complex than transcription work. For this reason, our files are proofread by a second translator before client delivery. Checks will be made to ensure there are no misunderstandings of key terms. They include incorrect re-representation of acronyms, sayings or slang, mishears. If working with foreign video or audio, or any other grammatical, spelling or punctuation mistakes in the translation. Translation proofreaders will also double check for formatting errors. Or any inconsistencies with time codes or line numbers and formatting for documents. For translation services, we include a similar revision and amendment procedure as for transcription services, but extend the timeframe for client requests to 48 hours as errors may be harder to spot or more imbedded.

Subtitle Quality Checking

We provide services which include subtitle transcription, closed caption transcription, subtitle burning, subtitle translation and closed caption translation. Similarly to our other services, subtitles will be quality checked for accurate grammar, punctuation and spelling. But more than this, subtitling is an art form. Subtitles need to be checked thoroughly to ensure that all onscreen text matches spoken word. Lines need to be of a suitable length and duration onscreen to be easily read without lingering. Sentences need to be broken up in a way that is both concise whilst maintaining meaning.

Timings need to be accurate to a thousandth of a second for finished subtitled videos to look right, and this is something we pride ourselves on. Amendments to subtitles will be provided free of charge up to 24 hours after client receipt. Any requests for changes later than 24 hours after completion, charges will depend upon liability for errors. For example, if edits have been made to your videos that have rendered the subtitle timings inaccurate, as well as changes in dialogue to your videos will incur a charge for revision.
If you would like more information about getting started with any of our transcription services or translation services, feel free to contact us at any time.

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