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Our Proofreading Service

A Guide To Proofreading

Whether you would like to take advantage of our proofreading services for your transcripts or for you own written or typed documents, we can help. Whatever form of written work you are responsible for; be it a blog, an article, a letter or business document, making sure that it is well written and free from potentially embarrassing errors is essential if you want to impress your readers and potential clients. But what can you expect from our proofreading services and what does and doesn’t it include? Read more to find out!
Basic Spelling and Grammatical Errors.
Our proofreading services includes checking for obvious mistakes such as errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. This will ensure that your copy is easy to read. We will make any corrections in the form of Tracked changes, so that you can see all of the corrections that have been made. This helps to make you aware of any reoccurring errors and to avoid them happening in the future. We will also provide information on errors in sentence structure and readability.
Fact Checking and Research.
Fact checking and research can be added to your proofreading service at a small extra charge. This will include cross referencing information and checking the accuracy of any quotes, names (place names, company names and product names etc.), as well as dates and historical information you have included in your document. This will ensure that your writing is always accurate and informative for your readers.
General Feedback and Constructive Criticism
If needed, we are also able to provide you with a check list of general feedback and constructive criticism on all aspects of your writing such as readability, flow, reoccurring errors and avoidable mistakes. Many of our clients find this information extremely helpful for improving the quality of their writing and gaining a wider readership.
If you would like to know more about our proofreading or transcription services, why not contact us today via email, telephone or instant message? We have a team of experienced proof-readers, transcriptionists and virtual assistants who are always happy to help!

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