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Getting started with Translation & Transcription Services

At Transcription City, we have a variety of ways in which we can accept files for translation or transcription by our qualified, experienced linguists and typists. Here’s some key information on sending your files over to us.transcription services

Getting Started with Transcription City

If you are a new client, you will need to complete and return a copy of our client registration form before we can begin working on your or your company’s behalf. The registration form includes information such as your name, company, address, and contact details. You will also need to date and sign/initial a copy of our terms and conditions.

Transfer sites such as WeTransfer, DropBox or YouSendIt

If your typical and preferred method of delivering files within and outside of your business is via any of these sites, we are happy to work with links as provided, or invitations to log into any external sites which as password protected to receive your files. This can be a good method for document translation, audio translation or video translation alike. You can upload via Dropbox using this link.

Ftp Via

The most common way to receive files for transcription or translation, be it French, German, Italian (and of course many other languages), is via our ftp. The site is encrypted and secure for file delivery and you will receive confirmation when your files have uploaded successfully to us. This option is quite good for medium to large sized files.


This method is only a practical option for document transcription or translation. Email is not the most secure method of file delivery but should you wish to use email, we are can receive work via this method on request.

Links to Social Media/Websites

If you have video or audio online which you would to have transcribed or translated, you can provide a link to those sites if we can download directly from them and convert the files as necessary. This typically does merit an extra cost, so it may be a last option, used only if you are short of time for uploading your files.

Post/Courier/Hard Copy

For highly sensitive documents, audio or video, sending hard copies in the post or via courier may be your preferred method. Please be aware, you will be charged for return postage or courier and Transcription City may retain hard copies for a short time, should you require any amendments to your translations or transcriptions following completion. Past clients have posted sensitive documents, cassette tapes, DVDs, CDs, memory and USB sticks and more via post. We take no responsibility for items lost or delayed in transit.


Transcription City is registered with the Data Protection Act. All of our translators and multi-lingual transcriptionists complete, sign and return a confidentiality agreement in order to keep client’s details as well as information contained with your documents, audio or video safe.
If you would like more information about any of our transcription services or translation services, be sure to contact us.

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