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A Quick Guide to Transcribing Video

Here at Transcription City, we transcribe a lot of videos, including time coded videos, YouTube videos, subtitles, captions, rushes, talking heads videos, celebrity interviews… the list goes on! In fact we like to think of ourselves as video transcription specialists and have a dedicated team of video transcriptionists who type up videos day in, day out and have done for many years. We are happy to work with a variety of video files and formats and can event transcribe live broadcast television and online video conferences if needed. We are happy to transcribe videos that have been uploaded via our website, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, videos sent via FTP and videos via hard copies (such as video cassette tapes, DVD’s, hard drives and USB’s). Although we transcribe and work with a variety of video files and formats, to produce transcripts that are both accurate and timely, there are some things that can make your video transcription experience as seamless as possible.

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We love video transcription!

Transcription City – Our Video Transcription Guide

Transcribing Different Video Sizes

Unless you require burnt on subtitles or open captions to be added to your video, we suggest that you send a compressed version of your video. As we obtain the information from the audio on the video, we do not require HD video versions or high quality pictures. As long as we can see well enough to identify who is speaking, we have all the information we need. Sending smaller video files means that upload and download times are reduced and we can turnaround your video transcripts much faster.

Transcribing Different Video Formats

We suggest that you send familiar video formats .mp4 and .mov (H.624) videos are compatible with most software. Although we are able to work with a variety of formats, widely recognized video extensions are less likely to cause problems with downloads and playback, meaning a hassle free transcription experience, with faster turnarounds.

Transcribing Video From Online Links

We are able to work with YouTube, vimeo and other online video links. However, we cannot work with encrypted video or password protected videos without authorized access.
So there you have it – our guide to the video transcription process. Follow these rules and your completed transcript will be delivered to you with minimum hassle and maximum accuracy!
If you would like more information about our video transcription services, why not get in touch with us today? We offer a wide range of video transcription options such as online subtitling, captioning, time coded video transcription, transcription for rushes and of course, TV transcription. We look forward to working with you soon!
If you are interested in YouTube transcription, please follow this hyperlink for more info.

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