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Top Reasons to Transcribe and Translate Subtitles

Translation services can be significantly more costly than standard transcription services. Rates for single language .srt, .stl or .ssa can be doubled for translating subtitles as they require a high level of skill. This applies not only when translating text, but when trying to keep sentence structure as unified as possible with the source language. This ensures timing alignment remains consistent. Despite having a higher cost, subtitle translation and closed caption translation can have an enormous benefit to companies and individuals all over the world.

Subtitles – Accessibility

Subtitles and closed captions are considered to be typically used for viewers who are either deaf, hard of hearing or foreign speakers. Whether you are a business offering services or products not having subtitles for your viewers can mean missing out of a lot of opportunities. Opportunities for a wider reaching message in your films and videos. This is especially true if you have a widespread, generic service or product that should appeal to all consumers and/or customers on a broad level.

Subtitles – Global Reach

These days both businesses and individuals connect and communicate on a global level. Many large companies use different web addresses for different regions, corresponding to the countries they look to appeal to. Some of the most common ones being .com,, .de, .fr for example. Attempts at marketing your website internationally to attract global consumers are likely to be futile if you don’t make sufficient efforts. It is important to have video content online which is accessible and easily understood by foreign speakers in those countries.

Subtitles – SEO

If you are part of a company, it’s success is highly connected to your Google online ranking. Google likes keywords; it likes links in websites and also it likes different types of content. Having videos on your website and linking to popular sites such as YouTube can be a brilliant way of bringing in consumers, customers and viewers to your site. Using video as a standalone resource is likely not to be as effective as backing up those videos with subtitling in both English and other languages. This means that Google will not only pick up the fact that you have video content online, but it will also pick up key words within your videos. This in turn, will help to boost your rankings in all of the different countries you hope to serve.

Subtitles – Reputation

The use of closed captions and subtitles does indeed have an effect on company reputation. People love video; it often puts a face to a company. A voice that can be heard, which helps to boost trust in viewers, and bring a more personal experience to a site. Both initial and ongoing impressions are important in boosting and maintaining the professional reputation of your company.
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