Top 5 Traits of a Great French Translator or Linguist

August 28, 2016 Samantha

Looking for work as a French translator or linguist? In today’s world, people are constantly moving from country to country and there’s more multilingual speakers than ever before. This, coupled with the ability many people have to work from home on their own terms opens up the doors. This is beckoning many to follow careers in translation and localisation work online.French translation services, french transcription services

So you want to pursue a career as a French linguist. Hold up a second; it’s not all that easy as you might have hoped… Here’s the skills you need to make it…

Language Expertise

Along with other languages, French translation requires high levels of qualification. You must possess experience and a subject specialism to be accepted to take on work for reputable translation companies such as Transcription City.

Proven Ability and Experience

The best online translation companies will only employ translators/linguists for French document, audio and video translation that have proven their ability via tests. These include audio translation, document translation and an English grammar test. You must pass a test to confirm your proficiency in your target and source language, e.g. French to English, English to French. You will also be tested on your grammatical accuracy and ability to proofread and edit your own and others’ work.

Reliability and Discipline

Freelance French translators must be reliable in order to retain ongoing work online or elsewhere. It’s no good getting all of the qualifications, experience and subject expertise as well as passing all of the company specific tests involved if you’re going to take on work online, and after three works start getting things back three days late every time you are offered work, until it magically all dries up. The more reliable you are, the more work you will be offered. Translators in any language including French need to be disciplined enough to avoid working unsociable hours and to make a sufficient amount of money.

French Translators – Self Employment Guidelines

Alongside this, French translators in the UK and abroad are required by their governments to be registered as self employed for tax purposes. In the UK it’s against the law to carry out paid work that isn’t declared to the HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). As a French translator abroad, you will need to check your own country’s guidelines on freelance work and self employment.

Software Knowledge and Computer Skills

Linguists working with French translations for audio, videos, documents and subtitles, will need to have the software knowledge to be able to provide target files to the specifications required. You will need to open, edit and convert source files in a range of different formats. Typing speed is also essential for all translators to ensure you are able to take on and complete work quickly and efficiently. This will ensure you meet client deadlines and make your hourly rate feasible.

So that’s it… Phew…

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