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Transcription Services for Multilingual Videos

If you are running a global business and often work with transcribing audio or video, there is a likelihood you may eventually require both transcription and translation for multilingual interviews or conferences. We employ translators and multilingual transcriptionists all over the world, specializing in a wide range of fields and all with at least five years experience in translation. We provide transcription services for multilingual videos and audio files. transcription services for multilingual videos
If your files contain multiple languages, we have some possible options for you. We’ll use French transcription and translation as an example…

English and Multilingual Transcription

The transcription of your multilingual video or audio is the easy bit. All of our translators translate into their mother tongue, and similarly our multilingual transcriptionists will only type in their mother tongue so as to retain the highest levels of accuracy in your transcriptions. This means that when working with more than one language in a file, more than one typist will need to work on your document.
This means you pay for English transcription at a ‘per audio minute’ rate for your English transcription. Next, your French transcription will be charged also at a ‘per audio minute rate’. The amount of minutes counted for multilingual sections of your file will likely be determined by how easily we can split the file. For instance, if you have audio from a conference held abroad where keynote speakers speak in French for ten minutes with the rest of the file being in English, the charge will be based on those specific sections. However, if your multilingual audio instead consists of an interviewer asking questions in English with each reply in French, charges will likely be for the whole audio file as our French transcriptionist will need to listen to the whole file and spend time not only splitting out French from English but seamlessly weaving the French transcript in with the English one, to ensure the completed transcript flows and makes sense.

Transcription Services for Multilingual Videos

Following on from your multilingual transcription, you can take the option of a document translation service in order to finish with a monolingual transcript of whichever language you choose. Multilingual transcription and subsequent document translation is the most accurate way of translating and transcribing your international media but there is another option available.

Direct Audio/Video Translation

This option includes your multilingual video being translated and transcribed directly in your target language. This option means that your English and French video will be typed out entirely in French or entirely in English. As this method includes translation, the per minute rate will be higher than that of multilingual language transcription, but there will be no subsequent per word translation of the document so overall, this can work out more cost effective. Direct translation, however, is not considered to be as accurate a method as multilingual transcription followed by translation so depending on your needs, this is something you should consider.
If you would like to know more about either our transcription services for multilingual videos or translation services, why not get in touch with us today? We can provide video, audio and subtitling services in a range of styles and languages to suit your schedule and your needs.

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