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Transcription Style Part 2

In Transcription Quotes Part 1, we looked at how the different types of audio and video files you send can have different implications on pricing structures. In part 2, we are going to look at the pricing structures for different styles of transcription. So when you are looking for a transcription quote, it is important to let your transcription services provider know the style of transcription you require.

Transcription services rates
I need a guide to the transcription rates.

Discourse Analysis, Verbatim, Intelligent Verbatim and Edited Transcription

Not all transcripts are created equal; in fact when you compare the length of a discourse analysis transcript to an edited or paraphrased transcript, there will be a huge difference in word count. This is because a discourse analysis style of transcription will contain much more information from your recording than an edited transcript. For this reason, discourse analysis transcripts are more costly, and take longer to produce than an edited transcript. For a quick guide to transcription styles and what they include, see below:
Discourse Analysis – Includes every utterance, including “um’s”, “uh’s”, repetition and false starts. It also includes tone of voice, pitch of voice, pauses, laughter, and all other audible descriptions.
Verbatim Transcription – Verbatim transcription is word for word and includes repetition, false starts, “um’s”, “er’s” etc.
Intelligent Verbatim Transcription – Intelligent verbatim transcription is word for word, but excludes repetitions, false starts, “um’s” and “er’s”.
Edited Transcription – Edited transcription rewords the transcript to include only the important and relevant parts of the dialogue. Grammar and syntax are also corrected.

Transcription with Time codes and Time Stamps

Transcription with time codes is often used when a client wishes to pinpoint specific parts of the transcript in the video or audio file. This can be particularly useful for video editing and analysis of audio. Time coded transcripts are charged at a higher rate than standard non-time coded transcripts, as they do take longer to transcribe.

Transcription With Visual Descriptions

Transcription with visual descriptions can be undertaken with or without time codes, but is obviously restricted to video transcription only. A transcript with visual description will not only include the dialogue, but also any important or client specified visual information. Rates for this form of transcription are generally higher, especially if time codes are also required.

Subtitles and Captions

Subtiles and captions are similar to time coded transcription, but with specific ‘in-times’ and ‘out-times’ included, so that the dialogue corresponds exactly to what is being said. The characters are also limited to ensure that the screen isn’t filled with dialogue. This form of transcription can take many hours more than a standard transcript and so is more expensive than our general transcription services.

Note Taking, Real time Transcription and Court Reporting

Court reporting, real time transcription and note taking are charged a higher rate than general online transcription. This is to cover the cost of time taken, travel time, equipment, additional recording services and production of hard copies. Court reporters, stenographers and real time transcriptionists are required to have many years of training and experience to undertake these tasks and will also provide their own equipment.
If you would like more information about our transcription services, transcription styles or our pricing structures, why not get in touch? We are available 7 days per week and always happy to help.

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