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How To Add Time Codes Using Express Scribe

If you regularly transcribe videos, you are probably familiar with adding time codes to a transcript. Adding time codes to a transcript can be time consuming, especially if you are adding them manually.
Open up Express Scribe and select Options’ from the menu along the top.
From the drop down menu, select System Wide Hot Keys’. This should take you to the Hot Keys table, which has two columns: Key (the hot keys in use) and Command (what the hot keys do).
At the bottom of the table, there should be a button that says Add’, select this button. This should bring up a pop up menu allowing you to add a new hot key. From here, select the button that labelled Change’. Once you have selected this, you will be prompted to select the hot key that you wish to use as a shortcut to add your time code (we have selected F1  Since this is not in use).
Once you have selected whichever hot key or hot keys you wish to use, select the command you want to use from the drop down menu. Since we wish to add a hot key for inserting time codes, select, Copy Time’ and then press ‘OK‘.
This should take you back to the Hot Keys table, where you should be able to see your new hot key under key and your new command (copy time) under command. From here press the OK‘ button.
Once the hot key for copying the time has been set up, you are ready to test it out on your time coded transcript! Simply begin typing and when you need to add a time code, first press your hot key (ours is F1) and then Ctrl V‘ to paste the time on to your transcript.
We find that this saves a significant amount of time when compared to adding time codes to a transcript manually. If you have any further tips, questions, or helpful suggestions please leave them below.
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