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How to upload a video transcript to YouTube

YouTube Video Transcription

How to upload your transcripts to YouTube:
Having a transcript to accompany your video has a number of advantages over videos that do not include transcripts. To name just a few; SEO benefits, benefits to those who are hard of hearing, a great resource for students using video tutorials as well as being a good option for people who prefer reading to watching videos. All of this means that having a video transcript will drive not only a larger audience to your videos; but also perhaps a previously untapped or diverse audience too.
Once you have transcribed your YouTube videos or found a suitable transcription company to do it for you (we’ve heard Transcription City is pretty good!), you will need to upload your transcript to YouTube.

Here’s how to do it:
Make sure your transcript is written in plain text(.txt), using a text editor such as notepad. (Do not use Word or Pages). Then save it under an appropriate name on your computer.
Upload your video to YouTube. Make sure that you have an appropriate title, description and tags. The text within the description and title will help viewers to find your video and is helpful from an SEO perspective.
Go to your drop down menu. This is located in the top right hand corner of the screen, with the name of your channel written on it.
Select “Video Manager”. You should see a screen that contains your video uploads.
Select the video that you want to add the transcript to and select “Edit”. This should take you to a page that displays your selected video.
From the menu bar at the top, click where it says “Captions”.
From this page click on the button marked +Add New Captions or Transcript. Click on this button.
On this page select “Transcript file (*beta*)” from the two radio buttons, under the heading “Type”.
Then go to the button marked “Choose File” and upload the transcript that you have saved on your computer. You are also offered the chance to give your transcript a name, which you can also add if you wish.
Wait for your transcript to upload!
You now have a transcript to accompany your YouTube video.


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